December 22, 2013

Getting The Message Perfectly Clear

Readers suggested a topic on used house salespeople. “I’d love to see a ’self proclaimed realtor posting’ index for this blog. I know some folks like to accuse people of being realtors, but there are plenty that gladly offer it up. The index would be for the number of distinct self-proclaimed realtors that post on the blog in any given week.”

“I remember there being lots of them in the early days, and then near silence during the crash, and now they seem to be creeping back into the mix. It’s an interesting contrarion index…the louder they yell (more frequent they post), the more bubbly the market.”

A reply, “You’re just sour grapes because you missed the recovery. Living in a rental will never feel like a real home.”

From News Wire. “For the first time since 2007, there was a monthly increase in the number of Real Estate Licenses. ‘The Market is turning around, and more people are seeing opportunity and jumping on it’ said Nick Dexter, Branch Production Manager of W.J. Bradley Temecula Home Loan Center.”

“Although the California housing market has shown volatility recently, recording as much as 20 percent swings in average housing prices, this is normal for a dynamic market and presents opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. ‘This is a great time to be in the real estate business.’ Dexter says, ‘There are many opportunities to get outstanding deals on new homes and development is starting on several local projects that are going to increase the value of existing properties. A lot of people are looking back to real estate in California as a place to invest once again, and now is the time to get in the market.’”

Delaware News Zap. “Sussex County Association of Realtors reports continued growth across all segments of the market in the state’s southernmost and largest geographic county based on third-quarter data. And more good news from SCAOR: the final selling price for all three categories of single family homes are trending higher in 2013. ‘This is more great news for all of us, not only as Sussex County real estate professionals, but also as local residents,’ said Bob McVey, 2013 president of SCAOR. ‘As the real estate market goes, so goes the local economy. I think we’re getting that message perfectly clear right now here in Sussex County.’”

“‘I believe that the same reasons our markets held up better than most during the recession are the same reasons why it’s bounced back so quickly. Our proximity to the coastline, our lower tax rates and our higher quality of life continue to draw people here to Sussex County, and I believe that will continue,’ said Mr. McVey. ‘Our numbers are up, and I think a big reason for that is because residents of other states continue to see Delaware real estate as a strong investment, which, of course, it is.’”

The Houston County News. “According to a housing report compiled by Re/Max North Central, southeast Minnesota continues to see year-over-year increases in both the number of homes sold and the prices they’re selling for. La Crescent Re/Max agent Lynne Nelson noted that housing market trends in the area are changing. For the past couple of years, it has been a buyers’ market. Now that’s starting to shift, and in many cases, sellers are getting close to what they’re asking — and in some instances, more.”

“‘If they’re offered on the market at a fair price and buyers accept that, then they’re willing to pay their value in order to secure it,’ said Nelson, who’s being inducted into the Re/Max Hall of Fame. ‘We see that in what’s sold by the percentage of list price to sale price.’ That means buyers can’t necessarily expect to bargain when they consider an offer. And in several instances Nelson has seen, there are multiple offers coming in, lessening even more the leverage a buyer may have.”

“‘If they’re a good Realtor, (buyers) are going to be told that’s not going to happen,’ she said of lowball offers.”

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