September 18, 2018

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Comment by Get Stucco
2018-09-18 07:29:02

Cramer: China’s stock market wouldn’t be tumbling if the US was losing the trade war
- China’s stock market is not doing nearly as well as the United States’ stock market, CNBC’s Jim Cramer says.
- That could tie into the true impact of the trade war, the “Mad Money” host argues.
Elizabeth Gurdus | @lizzygurdus
Published 16 Hours Ago Updated 15 Hours Ago

Comment by Mr. Banker
2018-09-18 08:01:17

Here’s a good article about China’s stock market …

“Meanwhile in China, Implosion of Stock-Market Double-Bubble | Wolf Street”

Comment by Albuquerquedan
2018-09-18 09:12:34

I agree and I think it is actually worse for China. You know that the government has been trying to prop up the market.

Comment by Apartment 401
2018-09-18 11:32:49

Are you retiring this URL and migrating new posts to the new site?

Comment by Ben Jones
2018-09-18 12:05:33

No, I’ll use this URL as the archive. It was way too much data to import into a new blog, and would just make it run slow anyway. We actually tested it and about 1,000,000 comments couldn’t make the trip. Plus, reload this blog and the new one and see how much faster the new one is.

So the new blog will pick up where this one left off. As you may know, I use posts from this blog almost every day to make a point, etc.

Comment by Carl Morris
2018-09-18 13:45:18

Do you know if there is already a way to read new-style blogs that show only the unread comments?

Comment by BlackSwandive
2018-09-18 15:55:09

Are you going to make the new blog’s banners blue, too? It is much easier on the eyes vs. the stark white.

Comment by DirtyLawyer
2018-09-18 18:52:04


The color scheme on this one is much easier for all the reading. Thanks Ben.

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Comment by Young Deezy
2018-09-19 07:33:12

Going to 3rd the suggestion that the color scheme be changed to match this one, please.

Comment by Montana
2018-09-19 18:11:12

White bg is easier on my old eyes…but that’s just me..

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Comment by Mafia Blocks
2018-09-19 07:43:38

All the HousingHens are clucking about the color of the fenders instead of whats going on under the hood.

Comment by Carl Morris
2018-09-19 09:39:27

Speaking of which, did I miss something that caused everybody to stop commenting? It’s weird to only see a dozen commenting in 2 days.

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Comment by Carl Morris
2018-09-19 15:15:03

Just figured out a refresh is required on Chrome.

Comment by near_seattle
2018-09-18 14:45:04

Was this one mobile unfriendly?

I mainly use it on my phone and, other than zooming a bit, seemed to work fine on Firefox.

Comment by hunkydory
2018-09-18 15:33:11

My lame azz company blocks it. Lame.

Comment by rms
2018-09-18 23:00:55

Got smartphone?

Comment by MGSpiffy
2018-09-19 00:59:11

Any way to get an optional dark theme on it? The bight white backdrop and low contrast color scheme is a lot harder on the eyes.

Comment by azdude
2018-09-19 04:14:10

I want to be sponsored to travel the world looking for bad news for you people.

Comment by Albuquerquedan
2018-09-19 09:40:22

If it were not for bad luck, you would have no luck at all. Very few people will pay for bad news. You might want to try asking the DNC, it is desperately looking for bad news on the Trump economy.

Comment by crispy&cole
2018-09-19 15:03:43

Is there only one post on the new blog? Thats all i see right now

Comment by Carl Morris
2018-09-19 15:14:02

You gotta refresh, at least on Chrome. I wasn’t seeing anything new for a couple of days either but there’s a lot there now.

Comment by Crispy&cole
2018-09-19 18:26:11


Comment by Boo Randy
2018-09-20 10:29:56

I’m not seeing any articles or comments on the new HBB site past September 18th. Anyone else having this issue?

Comment by Carl Morris
2018-09-20 11:13:13

Refresh your browser.

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Comment by Mugsy
2018-09-19 22:28:43

Being offered a position at Beale Air Force base and I’m seriously considering it. I don’t want to buy a home but having trouble finding rental stats to counter the insane rental prices posted for Lincoln, Roseville, etc. Any helpful hints?

Comment by Carl Morris
2018-09-20 11:16:26

You can watch for special deals from landlords that charge less for the “right” tenant, but they are few and far between. I think you have to suck it up and pay through the nose for a year until the bubble pops. Better than paying through the nose for 30 years.

Comment by Chino
2018-09-20 06:14:38

Has anyone else noticed Zillow upping the “market temp” for ZIP codes in their area overnight?

One that we are watching here went from “very cold” to “warm”, and our own went from “warm” to “very hot”. And yet few if any of the listings in either are selling, with most having to drop prices over the past two months.

They’re not doing anyone but themselves a disservice in claiming to see the exact opposite of what is currently happening out there.

Comment by BlackSwandive
2018-09-20 07:51:11

Remember, Shillow just got into house flipping so they need buyers.

Comment by jeff
2018-09-20 16:37:54

R, S, T, L, N, and E

In the kitchen

- - - - - I N G

- L - - -

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