June 3, 2015

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Comment by rallying the base
2015-06-03 00:35:11

Region VIII

Comment by rallying the base
Comment by phony scandals
2015-06-03 14:57:46

“Sellers still have to do their job, but if it shows well and it’s in a good neighborhood, it’s gone,” she said.

Statements like this make me feel 10 years younger.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 02:41:49

Don’t buy it!

Comment by azdude
2015-06-03 05:09:52

any positive news from the bear pit today?

Comment by Housing Analyst
2015-06-03 05:29:06

Pick yourself up off the floor and cheer up Poet….. And remember…

Falling prices to dramatically lower and more affordable levels is positively bullish and good for the economy.

Denver, CO Housing Prices Fall 9%


Comment by LtColFrankSlade
2015-06-03 05:51:16

The positive news is that we are rapidly moving towards a society where 85 percent are superfluous. It will be good for the environment and provide a higher quality of life for all.

Comment by cactus
2015-06-03 10:37:47

a society where 85 percent are superfluous.”

True I talked to a PCB manufacturer yesterday and they explained with the new machines they don’t need many skilled operators so its much less labor intense than yesterdays factory.

No need to build multi-million dollar factories in China because labor is not a cost driver anymore.

Like machine shops used to be hundreds of skilled machinists not anymore.

Oh and new PCB will be deposited copper patterns like a big printer no longer a etch the copper pattern with acids. Just have to get the peel strength right.

PCB = printed circuit board like whats in your computer, phone, eveything, etc.

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Comment by In Colorado
2015-06-03 12:17:11

Remember when PCB’s were laid out using tape on a light table?

Comment by cactus
2015-06-03 12:32:51

yea lots of mistakes. I used to design isolators and certain draftsman would screw my line widths and they were 50 mils wide.

Now its going to 1mil space 1mil trace. that’s small

Medical technology is driving it. that’s were the money is.

Comment by Housing Analyst
2015-06-03 12:52:19

You’ve come a long way baby…

Newport Beach, CA Housing Prices Fall 4%


Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-06-03 23:12:26

Hey, Median $/Sq. Ft. is even down 2% there!

Comment by rallying the base
2015-06-03 03:18:31

Current banner ad on HBB:


Because you should never let $300,000 of medical school student debt get in the way of taking out a $750,000 mortgage, LOLZ

Comment by LtColFrankSlade
2015-06-03 05:53:08

You have to keep up with the Joneses right up to that heart attack and early grave.

I’d rather keep up with Ben Jones.

Comment by Housing Analyst
2015-06-03 06:55:33

He enrages.

Comment by azdude
2015-06-03 10:24:38

House prices keep going up in contrast to the bogus data you keep posting.

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Comment by Housing Analyst
2015-06-03 12:20:14

Let the power of data enrage you Poet…

Redmond, WA Housing Prices Fall 9%


Comment by azdude
2015-06-03 13:58:58

Your losses are going up daily.

Comment by Housing Analyst
2015-06-03 14:41:04

Let the power of data enrage you!

Alexandria, VA Housing Prices Fall 10%


Comment by redmondjp
2015-06-03 23:20:28

Ha ha ha!

You are hilarious HA, trying to claim that Redmond’s prices are going down. I just spent the last 2 hours online looking at this weekend’s offerings in Redmond (fresh listings start each Thursday).

A not-even-built-yet 4BR near Microsoft just went pending for $1.4M.

Fresh, GOOD data from my realtor.

Prices are still rising, not falling in Redmond, WA.

Good data my friend, good data. From real people with boots on the ground.

Comment by Housing Analyst
2015-06-04 04:35:21

Your beef is with the data my friend.

Kirkland, WA Housing Prices Fall 8% YoY


Comment by rallying the base
2015-06-03 03:29:12

This is your “progressive” future:


And if you don’t want to have Bruce/Caitlyn’s non-cameltoe, mystery-meat, Ken doll crotch shoved in your face on the cover of Vanity Fair while you wait to pay for your groceries, you are probably racist

Comment by Mr. Banker
2015-06-03 05:19:52

Hmmmm … maybe I can make a buck out of this.

Transformers! That’s it, transforming dolls! Don’t give your kids a Barbie or a Ken for Christmas, instead give them a transformer - a doll that can transform from one gender to another, can transform from Barbie to Ken and then back to Barbie. Or, maybe create something that is in between.

Accessories, money will be made in accessories, as in spare parts.

Comment by palmetto
2015-06-03 05:28:49

Combo, that’s actually a really good idea and would probably sell like hotcakes, seriously. You need to get in touch with a Chinese factory ASAP.

Comment by palmetto
2015-06-03 05:59:50

Oooh, ooh, I’ve got a great idea, too. Let’s have Chas Bono propose to Caitlyn Jenner, they marry and have a reality show called “Keeping Up with the Boners”. Whaddya think?

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Comment by Albuquerquedan
2015-06-03 06:47:16

How about “do you have the balls to keep up with the Bonos”.

Comment by Oxide
2015-06-03 08:23:09

Oh crime, now I’m mentally designing and visualizing what parts the doll would have and how the doll would transform. Damn STEM major!

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 20:20:31

I hope you aren’t concurrenrly channeling images of Caitlyn’s parts!

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Comment by Raymond K Hessel
Comment by rallying the base
2015-06-03 06:06:47

The “progressive” advocacy of tranny acceptance will never pass a simple test, which is that any small child about age 5-7 will point at these freaks and say “mommy that’s a man dressed like a lady”

Comment by Wondering
2015-06-03 09:17:16

I don’t a child would say that about Caitlyn Jenner.

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Comment by MightyMike
2015-06-03 07:25:20

This guy could turn off the TV and stay away from the Internet. In theory, that would dramatically reduce the amount of agita that he experiences. But he doesn’t do that because he enjoys his own anger so much.

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-06-03 07:34:42

Those tha have no life feast on rage to alleviate boredom.

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Comment by Bring Back the WPA
2015-06-03 06:44:49

You make no sense RTB. On the one hand you slam Drudge for “rallying the base” and on the other you go and link Alex Jones to push his sexual intolerance agenda. I don’t get it.

Comment by rallying the base
2015-06-03 06:54:12

There is nothing more intolerant than a Social Justice Warrior™

Comment by Bring Back the WPA
2015-06-03 07:04:23

That’s why I’m more of a left-of-center Dem. I don’t want anything to do with the far left nor the far right. I don’t want some extreme feminist telling me what to do and I don’t want conservative Xtians telling me I have to go to the “open carry” church on Sunday.

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Comment by LtColFrankSlade
2015-06-03 07:32:08

No matter what you will vote for whatever yellow dog they put up.

Comment by Wondering
2015-06-03 09:20:49

Right, like some were intolerant of racism in the 60’s. Would you have been one to call me “intolerant” because I insisted that black people had a right to be served in any restaurant?

Would you have claimed that it was a violation of your religious faith to allow inter-racial couples? to whip your horse to death? beat your child? own a slave?

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Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-06-03 07:36:53

It’s almost as if he has political views of his own instead of prepackaged ones. The Horror! The man actually thinks for himself!

Comment by palmetto
2015-06-03 05:09:58

If you’d been immersed in the Kardashian Klown Klan for a couple of decades, you’d be mutilating yourself, too.

Fellini was a visionary.

Comment by LtColFrankSlade
2015-06-03 06:01:40

What do people who push Global Warming and people who buy and eat “organic” food have in common?

Comment by rj chicago
2015-06-03 07:36:06

The hermaphrodite in Fellini’s Satyricon is perhaps something you are referring to there Palm?

Comment by palmetto
2015-06-03 08:12:31

I’m referring to Satyricon in general, rj. Good on ya, most people probably have no clue as to the cultural reference.

Comment by rj chicago
2015-06-03 11:12:53

The sad thing is what you say - and as a result Cinecitta is now defunct and closed - A travesty as the greatest of Italian directors were falling over each other back in the day to make movies there. DeSica, Fellini, Antonnioni and others.

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Comment by palmetto
2015-06-03 05:14:21

When you go to the Wikipedia page for Bruce Jenner, it redirects to Caitlyn Jenner’s page, with a confused mess of replacement pronouns.

But, you know, what a fitting symbol for the end of the US.

RIP Bruce Jenner.

Comment by rallying the base
2015-06-03 05:27:44

I welcome the moral rot

Let’s stop pretending America has any kind of future already

“This sucker could go down” — George W. Bush

Comment by palmetto
2015-06-03 05:32:36
Comment by Oddfellow
2015-06-03 06:58:12

The trappings of fascist dictators are usually very camp and gay. The high boots, stirrup pants, goose stepping, idolization of the ‘perfect’ aryan/slav/whatever male, and the organizing idea that any gayness is an ‘infection’ brought in by some outsider group, who must therefore be stamped out. The persecution of gays themselves.

It’s all classic projection, straight outta Freud. Homophobia is at the heart of fascism.

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Comment by Oddfellow
2015-06-03 07:07:48

And need I add that in the heart of every homophobe, is their own gayness. Which wouldn’t be there if those darn gays weren’t out there being gay! (And tempting them.)

Comment by palmetto
2015-06-03 07:18:31

That’s what Denny Hastert said.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-06-03 07:59:26

He was showing them wrestling holds, darn it!

Comment by palmetto
2015-06-03 06:35:29

“This sucker could go down” — George W. Bush

All we need is a good EMP to put an end to the whole sorry mess. And then the dark age interregnum with plagues and all that.

Comment by Little Al
2015-06-03 21:54:28

Well let’s turn our backs on America then. Is there a better country out there somewhere?

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Comment by rallying the base
2015-06-03 05:18:26

Warmist Warming Wednesday


And now back to your regularly scheduled Drudge Report links

Comment by LtColFrankSlade
2015-06-03 07:35:17

A similar science is applied to “organic” food. And for the same bottom line reason, money.

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-06-03 07:39:49

Hysterical non-sequitur. Denied.

Comment by X-GSfixr
2015-06-03 05:35:53

Latest Banker suicide……

Can someone tell me exactly why anyone would hire a 22 year old “analyst” to analyse anything? (Other than analyzing cellphone apps?)

Comment by Mr. Banker
2015-06-03 05:43:27

1. They’re cheap to employ in that they’ll work for promises (the cheapest of all to employ are the interns).

2. They are easy to handle. When it’s time for somebody to take a fall then, if it is arranged properly, they will be the ones who will take it.

Comment by Mr. Banker
2015-06-03 05:51:22

“Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill every time.”

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 06:38:49

3. Easy snd cheap to replace

Comment by Housing Analyst
2015-06-03 05:37:53

CraterRage Animation Of The Day


Comment by rallying the base
Comment by LtColFrankSlade
2015-06-03 06:03:51

Kennedy was Irish.

Comment by Oxide
2015-06-03 08:35:09

To fit the analogy, Kennedy was Catholic too.

So now Obama is a radical Christian, a Muslim, and now Jewish as well? Heck, throw in the Wiccans and the Webenhojans and Obama will get everybody!

Comment by Albuquerquedan
2015-06-03 06:51:14

He is also the first gay president, so does that make him a Heblew?

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
Comment by X-GSfixr
2015-06-03 06:00:57

In STL today, to look at airplane mods.

Went out hitting the “antique shops” this weekend (cuz that’s how i roll now…..). Found a framed Norman Rockwell print, how quaint.

It occurred to me that, if he were still alive, our buddy Norm’s work would be COMPLETELY different:

“Betsy meets Mom’s new wife”

“Uncle Carl finally decides on a gender”

“It’s moving day for Aunt Larry and Uncle Bill”

“Leeroy marries cousin Ellie”

“Aunt Pat (with the flattop haircut) shops for flannel shirts”

Comment by rallying the base
2015-06-03 06:18:00

Here’s your HBB new vocabulary word of the day:


Comment by X-GSfixr
2015-06-03 06:27:29

“Mom and daughter search for their baby daddies”

“Uncle Jim harvests his crop (in the basement)”

“Dave asks his life partner (while standing in front of a full length mirror)….”Does my ass look fat?”

Comment by Albuquerquedan
2015-06-03 06:49:59

I think the question that most men do not want to hear is their GF/wife ask them “do these jeans make my azz look big” and no matter what you answer it means less sex for a week.

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-06-03 07:41:54

The correct answer is immediate sex.

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Comment by Oddfellow
2015-06-03 08:10:30

Yeah, but then you get thrown out of Macy’s.

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-06-03 09:20:14

That’s ok. There are a LOT of Macy’s stores to get thrown out of.

Comment by Mr. Banker
2015-06-03 06:32:54

“My dad can whip your dad.”

“Oh yeah? What makes you think so?”

“You only have one dad and I have two.”

Comment by Puggs
2015-06-03 08:30:47

That is seriously funny chit.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 06:40:31

Does Greece have enough bailout money on hand to pay its debts?

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 06:42:57

Marketwatch dot com
Market Pulse
ECB’s Draghi: Greek negotiations are in a “state of flux”
By Sara Sjolin
Published: June 3, 2015 9:10 a.m. ET

The negotiations between Greece and its international lenders are in a “state of flux”, but there’s a “will and strong determination that an agreement will be found,” European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said at a news conference on Wednesday. When asked whether a Greek deal is close, Draghi said it was difficult to give an update in real time, partly because the talks are taking place in Brussels, whereas the ECB is in Frankfurt. The ECB boss also said that the current cap on T-bill issuance by the Greek government is conditioned on an aid disbursement from the lenders. The comments come as Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is set to meet with European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker in Brussels later on Wednesday, where he is expected to be presented with a new reform plan drawn up by Greece’s creditors. However, Tsipras has insisted he is bringing Athens’s own proposals to the meeting, which raises the possibility the lenders’ offer could be rejected. Greece is due to repay 303.3 million euros ($338.7 million) to the International Monetary Fund on Friday. Fears are that the country is so low on cash, it’ll miss that payment unless more bailout money is released.

Comment by rj chicago
2015-06-03 07:39:04

Once again PB takes all the fun outta a thread - in this case the jenner mess.

Comment by Albuquerquedan
2015-06-03 06:56:14

So is China getting like the U.S. we sell each other houses, cook each other meals, we make beds for each other and then we claim it adds to the GDP? Of course China did not create the game and if we are going to claim it as part of our GDP, it gets to claim it for its GDP. Jenner by getting snipped added to our GDP. If you just considered things like manufacturing China is already bigger than we are:


Comment by Bring Back the WPA
2015-06-03 07:14:03

As predicted, the climate change deniers get another chink in the armor:


Yeah, that’s a liberal rag. Still — point is — BP and Shell are breaking ranks and are acknowledging climate change. Like I’ve said before there will be a slow trend of corporations shifting towards acceptance of climate change once they see their profits threatened. Once that happens, their lapdog GOP politicians will begin to accept climate change too.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-06-03 07:29:33

” BP and Shell are breaking ranks and are acknowledging climate change”

They’re probably looking at what happened to the tobacco companies when they were found to be running their own slanted science operations, and wondering if the world will be quite as forgiving this time, especially if the consequences are more catastrophic. No CEO wants to star in his own Nuremberg trial.

Comment by Rental Watch
2015-06-03 11:33:13

From a political perspective, sometimes it’s better to go with the tide of conventional belief than fight it.

If we stop the silly argument as to whether there is climate change or not, we can then presume that CO2 DOES contribute to warming, and then get to the meat of the discussion:

1. How much will lowering CO2 emissions actually reduce global temperatures, or slow the warming trend (if at all)?
2. How would you lower CO2 emissions? What is the plan’s cost (in treasure and life) to do so?
3. Is it worth it to do #2 based on the answer to #1?

Comment by Puggs
2015-06-03 16:44:38

It sure felt like things cooled down in 2009 through 2011. The great recession took a lot of action off the roads, sky and industry.

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Comment by Oxide
2015-06-03 18:34:52

Climate change probably doesn’t respond so immediately; oceans are just too big.

As for BP and She’ll, it’s probably just more green washing. Agree with gov position, get gov money. The usual.

Comment by Dman
2015-06-03 12:34:37

From Bloomberg:

“Oil companies that have pumped trillions of barrels of crude from the ground are now saying the future is in their other main product: natural gas, a fuel they’re promoting as the logical successor to coal. With almost 200 nations set to hammer out a binding pact on carbon emissions in December, fossil-fuel companies led by Shell and Total say they’re refocusing on gas as a cleaner alternative to the cheap coal that now dominates electricity generation worldwide. That’s sparked a war of words between the two industries and raised concern that Big Oil is more interested in grabbing market share than fighting global warming “Total is gas, and gas is good,” Chief Executive Officer Patrick Pouyanne said Monday, in advance of this week’s World Gas Conference in Paris.

His remarks echoed comments two weeks earlier by Shell CEO Ben Van Beurden, who said his company has changed from “an oil-and-gas company to a gas-and-oil company.” Shell began producing more gas than oil in 2013 and Total the following year. Exxon Mobil ’s output rose to about 47% of total production last year from 39% six years ago. Companies are pushing sales in China, India and Europe. Coal from producers led by Glencore and BHP Billiton produces about 40% of the world’s electricity. Shell, Total, BP and other oil companies said Monday in a joint statement that they’re banding together to promote gas as more climate friendly than coal. “The enemy is coal,” Pouyanne said Monday. He vowed to pull out of coal mining and said Total may also halt coal trading in Europe.

A key strategy for gas producers to push this agenda is asking governments to levy a price on carbon emissions from power plants.”

Now that they’re getting into natural gas, the oil/gas companies want the government to regulate the coal industry, and who gives more money to congress?

Comment by Anonymous
2015-06-03 19:00:51

So they can use their efforts to fight climate change as justification for higher prices?

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-06-03 20:17:41

Fighting Global Warming requires more fossil fuel. Seems a natural play.

Comment by AbsoluteBeginner
Comment by rj chicago
2015-06-03 07:40:31

Early training for the FSA!!!

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-06-03 17:40:26

Easy to be generous when it’s other people’s money.

Comment by Bring Back the WPA
2015-06-03 07:18:41

Everythin’s Bigger ‘N Texas, including stupidity.

“HOUSTON — Students and faculty members at public and private universities in Texas could be allowed to carry concealed handguns into classrooms, dormitories and other buildings under a bill passed over the weekend by the Republican-dominated Legislature.” (NY Times)

Bunch of inebriated 19-y.o. frat brothers with concealed weapons. What possibly could go wrong? Now, I do support the 2nd amendment. But I also support common sense.

Comment by rallying the base
2015-06-03 07:27:47

How many of Obama’s “sons” kill each other on the streets of Chicago every weekend with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country?

And never forget what the progressive agenda is:

Registration, confiscation, extermination

Comment by Bring Back the WPA
2015-06-03 07:30:47

Arming a bunch of drunk frat boys won’t stop one single Chicago homicide. The NRA gun extremists are just as over the top as some of those Drudge links you complain about.

Comment by Measton
2015-06-03 07:55:46

Yes most of the progressives I meet are interested in extermination. Just think what will happen if we arm them.

Comment by MightyMike
2015-06-03 10:26:07

How many of Obama’s “sons” kill each other on the streets of Chicago every weekend with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country?

I thought that it was Baltimore that was currently the target of redneck ire. Has the Drudge network decided that it’s time to switch back to hating on Chicago?

Comment by redmondjp
2015-06-03 23:25:01

What does the Drudge network have to do with black-on-black murder?

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Comment by Measton
2015-06-03 07:33:13

Texas should grow some balls and legalize hand grenades bazookas and mustard gas then we could have some real fun

And I really don’t know why my 6 yr old can’t take a gun to school either

Comment by LtColFrankSlade
2015-06-03 07:40:43

Arizona is open carry. Lots of public events with open carriers. Mostly never much of a problem. Listening to the Gun Fearful, you would think there’d be blood running in the streets at these things. Nope, the problems are usually just with the criminals and there mostly killing each other.

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-06-03 07:48:56

A bunch of dumbasses strutting around with assault rifles is never good for the perception of gun rights. Idiots, to a man, and idiots should not play with dangerous toys, especially in public.

Comment by Measton
2015-06-03 07:51:03

I’m not against gun ownership but maybe a college campus where teenagers are experimenting w booZe drugs and surging hormones and away from home for the first time isn’t the best place to start mixing in guns.

Comment by Housing Analyst
2015-06-03 08:03:26

Lolas and Liberaces.

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Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-06-03 17:42:46

I’m seeing a lot more open carry in my AO. In principle I support their right, but in practice I think it’s a bad idea. Showing up for soccer practice with a .45 on your hip gets a lot of the soccer mom’s nervous for no good reason.

Comment by Dman
2015-06-03 12:40:32

I wonder if the legislators who voted for this law also voted to allow open carriers into the capital building so they can watch legislative sessions? I bet not. It’s okay for everyone else to deal with these posers, but not themselves.

Comment by Measton
2015-06-03 07:43:01

In the news yesterday cable providers continue to consolidate moving toward 3 large companies controlling everything

Another article said internet providers are at the bottom of customer satisfaction surveys and falling

Once you have a working oligopoly in area w a high barriers to entry there is no need to keep the customer happy or innovate or keep employees happy or lower prices.

Comment by In Colorado
2015-06-03 08:46:39

In the news yesterday cable providers continue to consolidate moving toward 3 large companies controlling everything

Who needs cable?

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-06-03 09:21:46

Agreed. They can consolidate to a monopoly and charge a million bucks a month for all I care.

What gets me is people freak out about this, but have no problem with the patriot act.

Comment by MightyMike
2015-06-03 10:34:44

Who needs cable?

The cable companies are the major internet providers in many areas. Of course, no one needs cable TV or access to the internet.

Comment by In Colorado
2015-06-03 12:13:53

I suspect that google fibre will eat their lunch

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Comment by Rental Watch
2015-06-03 11:35:41

“Once you have a working oligopoly in area w a high barriers to entry there is no need to keep the customer happy or innovate or keep employees happy or lower prices.”

Which is why Google Fiber is so important. It creates a needed alternative to the status quo. As far as I’m concerned, they can’t roll it out fast enough.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 08:17:14

Are you missing out on the “further rate hike delay” asset price melt up?

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 08:19:43

The Fed
Fed likely to hike in September but there are good reasons to delay: Goldman Sachs
By Greg Robb
Published: June 2, 2015 3:46 p.m. ET
Strong case for waiting until 2016
Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and her colleagues have an eye on rate hikes starting in September, Goldman Sachs said.

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius said Tuesday that he is sticking with his forecast that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in September although he said there are “persuasive” reasons for the U.S. central bank to wait until 2016.

“Our forecast remains that the Fed policy committee will hike rates at the September meeting, but …this remains a close call,” Hatzius said in a note to clients.

Comment by measton
2015-06-03 08:46:15

It will remain a close call for 20 years.

Deflation side

1. Technology - In the next 5 years automated driving cars will start to destroy a huge numbers of jobs.
2. Housing oversupply
3. Young people with no good paying jobs, no savings, not starting families, not buying homes, consolidating by moving in with friends or relatives.
4. Tax policy, labor policy, and trade policy that further concentrate wealth.
5. Further consolidation giving oligopoly like power in terms of pricing.
6. Globalization see TP P
7. Shifting of medical costs to middle class via taxes and co pays.
8. Piles of consumer debt.
9. Cut backs in local gov services - higher fees, fewer services. See Wi and Kansas

FED is at zero

Comment by In Colorado
2015-06-03 08:49:24

1. Technology - In the next 5 years automated driving cars will start to destroy a huge numbers of jobs.

Just wait until a software bug causes a 1000 car pileup on the freeway.

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Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 09:39:23

I’m planning to stay off the roads as much as possible during the rollout phase of this New Era in automotive transportation.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-06-03 10:02:19

I expect the driverless cars will be involved in far fewer accidents per mile driven than cars with drivers. I think that’s already the case with google’s experimental cars.

There will probably be calls to outlaw non-automated cars for safety as well as efficiency reasons.

Comment by Measton
2015-06-03 12:08:23

Automated cars will destroy a huge number of jobs

Manufacturing people will buy fewer cars
If safer repair medical
Roads will handle more cars so road building will decline

Deflationary forces r still strong

Comment by In Colorado
2015-06-03 13:49:37

I expect the driverless cars will be involved in far fewer accidents per mile driven than cars with drivers. I think that’s already the case with google’s experimental cars.

I would expect that there would be fewer accidents per mile, that is until a catastrophic and unanticipated corner case is encountered, and that is when there will be a 1000 car pile up.

I was reading about some of the show stoppers google has encountered with their driverless cars. Most are related to the limitations of what the sensors can see and the limitations of their AI. An example given was say a plastic shopping bag blows across the road. A human driver will recognize that it’s just a plastic bag and ignore it. The google car cannot distinguish between the bag and and a real obstacle, which might cause it to swerve or panic stop, causing an unnecessary accident.

Something else to consider: Operating systems such as UNIX and Linux have been around for a long time. Their code is peer reviewed and tested like virtually no other code. And yet, they have bugs. UNIX and Linux do have “panics” (known to Windows users as the Blue Screen of Death) and they do crash.

Sure, the google cars will have watchdogs built in to reboot in case of a crash. But that won’t be instantaneous.

Anywho, I’m not saying that self driving cars will never happen, but I don’t think they are as imminent as some people here believe. The google cars are a great concept and prove that it is feasible. But there are still some obstacles remaining, and they aren’t trivial.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 11:10:38

Bad economic news is “good news” when it comes to the timing of future rate hikes.

Market Pulse
No rapid bounce to U.S. growth in May: Beige Book
Published: June 3, 2015 2:02 p.m. ET
By Greg Robb
Senior economics reporter

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - There was no rapid rebound in U.S. economic activity after the tepid first quarter, according to the latest Federal Reserve report on economic conditions known as the Beige Book released on Wednesday. If anything, growth was more mixed in May than it had been in the prior report for March. Conditions were much more varied in the latest survey, which covers activity through May 22. Seven districts reported “moderate” or “modest” growth in May, the Fed said. Growth was seen as “slight” in Cleveland and Kansas City, “mixed” in Boston, “steady” in Atlanta and “slowing slightly” in Dallas, the report said. Oil and natural gas activity continued to decline in most districts, according to the survey. Many regions said the impact of the strong dollar was depressing manufacturing, but also holding down export sales and capital investment. Home construction was “flat to up” in most districts, the report said.

Comment by measton
2015-06-03 08:33:24

Rick Perry and other Texans like to brag about their pro-business free-market, no-income-tax state. Then the Legislature messes with the talking point.

Even Walmart’s deep pockets fail to overturn law forbidding publicly traded companies from selling liquor.?? Where is the supreme court on this one.

Tesla motors bill to allow direct sales never makes it out of committee nor a measure pushed by Uber Technologies to legalize ride booking statewide, or one championed by craft-beer makers who want to peddle bottles at their breweries.

Texas Gov. is there to protect entrenched interests that have paid their dues.

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-06-03 09:24:12

It’s the will of Jesus, you know.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 09:38:08

Dumb question of the day:

At what point does yesterday’s intervention to put a floor under housing prices morph into tomorrow’s ceiling on home price appreciation?

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-06-03 10:56:22

It’s been determined that we can sell an infinite number of future generations into debt slavery… so never?

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 11:12:11

Channeling Lost in Space’s Dr. Smith:

“Oh, the pain!”

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 11:13:39

Bond Report
Treasury prices plummet again, following Europe’s bond rout
Published: June 3, 2015 11:47 a.m. ET
By Ellie Ismailidou
Markets reporter

Treasury prices plummeted Wednesday, sending yields up to their highest level since November, fueled by a meltdown in eurozone government bonds along with a strong U.S. private-sector jobs report.

Wednesday marked the third trading session in which bond markets were hit around the globe, as rising expectations for eurozone economic growth sparked selling that spilled over to the Treasury market. Bond yields rise when prices fall, and vice versa.

“The German bond market is driving the Treasury market and not the other way around — which is a huge shift that occurred only in the past month in the mechanics of how global rates markets operate,” said Zhiwei Ren, portfolio manager for Penn Mutual Asset Management.

On Wednesday, the European Central Bank lifted its 2015 inflation forecast to 0.3%, up from 0% in its March predictions.The news, along with comments from ECB President Mario Draghi that the central bank stands fully behind its stimulus efforts but that markets should “get used to periods of higher market volatility”, sent the euro climbing and 10-year bond yields around the eurozone rising between 14 and 17 basis points.

The yield on the 10-year benchmark German bond (TMBMKDE-10Y, +23.94%) known as the bund, gained 15.6 basis points to 0.848%, its highest level since Nov. 20, according to data from Tradeweb. The yield on the Spanish 10-year benchmark bond jumped 14 basis points in less than an hour to 2.13%.

Comment by Concerned Floridian
Comment by Puggs
2015-06-03 14:29:14

I went to Disney Land two years ago and will NEVER return. Big waste of time and money. More time in line than on any ride. Boooooooooo!

Happiest place on earth my a$$.

Comment by Muggy
2015-06-03 15:25:04

Bro, just ask.

Comment by phony scandals
2015-06-03 16:14:09

Senator: Use RICO Laws to Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics

1:45 PM, Jun 2, 2015

Writing in the Washington Post, Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democratic Senator from Rhode Island, offered a curious suggestion for dealing with global warming skeptics:

In 2006, Judge Gladys Kessler of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia decided that the tobacco companies’ fraudulent campaign amounted to a racketeering enterprise. According to the court: “Defendants coordinated significant aspects of their public relations, scientific, legal, and marketing activity in furtherance of a shared objective — to . . . maximize industry profits by preserving and expanding the market for cigarettes through a scheme to deceive the public.”

The parallels between what the tobacco industry did and what the fossil fuel industry is doing now are striking. … The coordinated tactics of the climate denial network, Brulle’s report states, “span a wide range of activities, including political lobbying, contributions to political candidates, and a large number of communication and media efforts that aim at undermining climate science.” Compare that again to the findings in the tobacco case.

The tobacco industry was proved to have conducted research that showed the direct opposite of what the industry stated publicly — namely, that tobacco use had serious health effects. Civil discovery would reveal whether and to what extent the fossil fuel industry has crossed this same line. We do know that it has funded research that — to its benefit — directly contradicts the vast majority of peer-reviewed climate science. One scientist who consistently published papers downplaying the role of carbon emissions in climate change, Willie Soon, reportedly received more than half of his funding from oil and electric utility interests: more than $1.2 million.

To be clear: I don’t know whether the fossil fuel industry and its allies engaged in the same kind of racketeering activity as the tobacco industry. We don’t have enough information to make that conclusion. Perhaps it’s all smoke and no fire. But there’s an awful lot of smoke.

That’s right — a sitting U.S. Senator is suggesting using RICO laws should be applied to global warming skeptics. Courts have been defining RICO down for some time and in ways that aren’t particularly helpful. In 1994, the Supreme Court ruled RICO statutes could be applied to pro-life activists on the grounds that interstate commerce can be affected even when the organization being targeted doesn’t have economic motives.

http://www.weeklystandard.com/…ggests-using-rico-laws-global-warming-skeptics_963007.html - 99k -

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-06-03 17:44:07

How about using RICO to go after the Fed and Wall Street?

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-06-03 20:06:06

Aha! Now we know why Shell and BP are giving up the ghost on climate change denial. Not the threat of Nuremberg trials, just the old RICO statutes. I wonder if their propagandists will get theirs too?

Don’t worry phony, you can hide out in my garage. It’s got electricity, and we can run a hose out there, maybe even get you a mini-fridge.

What do you think, phony? Ten to one, they’re coming to get you. There’s probably a helicopter over your house right now…

Comment by phony scandals
2015-06-03 20:34:24

Sorry Oddie

Your Nazi Senator from Rhode Island dreams aren’t going to come true.

But much like one of your kind hearted liberal buds on this blog who got excited by the thought of a “Teabagger” neighborhood being taken out by a military strike your reaction to this is also quite telling.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-06-03 20:58:49

I offered you a hideout, what more do you want? Maybe we can run cable out there. You can pick up my wifi if the garage door is open.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by phony scandals
2015-06-03 21:06:01

Hell Odie

They couldn’t get me anyway, I live in South Florida and there is 2 feet of water in everybody’s living room every time it rains due to climate change.

Just ask President Obama.


Comment by Oddfellow
2015-06-03 21:36:01

Careful. That’s RICO-land talk. The big boys are already walking it back, covering their cracks. Don’t get left out in the cold, they’ll sacrifice the little guys like you for political points, and just for yuks.

I’m looking out for you, bro.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
Comment by Bill, just south of Irvine
2015-06-03 18:44:17

Another maintenance issue will be conveniently fixed at no charge while I’m busy earning $. A pinhole leak in a copper pipe on the wall by the shower. The only inconvenience is I have to lock up my hard drives and carry three boxes of personal papers in my car for a couple days while the maintenance guys get it fixed. They had to rip out sections of two adjacent walls. This afternoon they put a temporary fix on the pipe but tomorrow will do the real repair. They have a fan blowing on the area to dry it out. Leak went through the floor and into the neighbor’s ceiling below. This is the first for my particular apartment but it happened in one or two others of this complex. So they know how to fix it.

Now…if I was a homeowner, I would be paying.

While they fix it, I will get a minor repair done on my stove.

Renting is freedom.

Comment by Anonymous
2015-06-03 19:09:17

My landlord just brought me a brand new refrigerator…

Comment by Bill, just south of Irvine
2015-06-03 19:45:16

Awesome! I’m enjoying a dishwasher installed brand new last year at the landlord’s expense.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-06-03 20:43:10

We’re in the same situation. Praise the Lawd for generous landlords who shoulder the burden of costly home repairs for their deserving tenants!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by phony scandals
2015-06-04 05:33:49

phony scandals

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