August 27, 2015

Bits Bucket for August 27, 2015

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Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 02:52:42


Comment by Selfish Hoarder
2015-08-27 06:44:52

And rapidly diminishing intelligence of Yhe Republican and Democrat candidates for political offices. Ron Paul was a diamond. Other than that, the quality of the candidates has been going downhill the last 30 years. PNAC George H Bush was the first of the worst.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 06:46:15

When 95% of the electorate are morons, the caliber of the President Comacho wanna-bes who will lead these idiots into IDIOCRACY will be less than stellar.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 07:02:41

Meet your future, ‘Muricans.

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Comment by sleepless_near_seattle
2015-08-27 08:43:19

“He’s gonna fiiiiiiix the ecoMoNy!”

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 10:13:01

your whining about something that cant be fixed.

One of the reasons I live in a small coastal town with 70% of the population graduated college. Also the first town to ban indoor smoking and we do not allow fast food chains to have drive-thrus.

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Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 13:02:20

and welcome drug addicts, transvestites and sexual predators.

You go girl.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 13:46:53

Why do you welcome drug addicts, transvestites and sexual predators. If your town is very expensive, it weeds them out.

Try to get out of WV, once in a while.

Stop your rage.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 13:58:35

Sounds like a freaky place… Californica. The land of fruits, nuts and poverty.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 15:22:37

Fear of the unknown…. some people cant shake it.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 15:40:15

Pull yourself up out of that sewer. You have nothing to fear.

Comment by Cracker Bob
2015-08-27 08:47:40

“Ron Paul was a diamond”

Have you seen some of Ron Paul’s pop-up ads? Yes he is a real diamond. If a diamond is a Bible-thumping doomer who profits from end-of-the-world scare tactics.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 08:50:11

There is nothing to fear from falling prices to dramatically lower and more affordable levels.

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Comment by sleepless_near_seattle
2015-08-27 08:53:57

Ron Paul thumps bibles?

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Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 09:33:00

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich were the last two people in Congress that I liked.

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Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 04:58:59

If a black gay hater shoots and kills two white women…

Will anyone care?

Will there be 24/7 news coverage?

Will politicians want to ban the rainbow flag?

Will obama wonder if those women could have been his mother?


The #BlackLivesMatter Revolution Will Be Televised
Frontpagemagazine | August 27, 2015 | Matthew Vadum

Reporters’ lives don’t matter to a double-minority shooter trying to foment racial violence.

Hoping to start a bloody “race war,” a black, gay, in-your-face Obama-supporting former TV reporter horrified Southwest Virginia TV viewers yesterday when he stalked and coolly murdered two white former TV station colleagues and wounded a white interview subject during a live broadcast.

The shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, apparently a registered Democrat and former prostitute, said he attacked the three white people during the “standup” report about local tourism from the marina at Smith Mountain Lake as racial payback for white-supremacist Dylann Storm Roof’s June 17 attack in Charleston, S.C. that left nine black churchgoers dead. Roof, who reportedly confessed, also said he wanted to start a race war by committing acts of violence.

Flanagan, who used the name Bryce Williams professionally, left behind a lengthy, rambling, written rant explaining his explicitly race-based motive for the murders. Although the full document was sent to ABC News, it has not yet found its way online. Media outlets have provided highlights. ABC News reports that “A man claiming to be Bryce Williams called ABC News over the last few weeks, saying he wanted to pitch a story and wanted to fax information. He never told ABC News what the story was.”

Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-08-27 05:49:38

Triple, he’s also clearly mentally ill.

Comment by Jeff upstate SC
2015-08-27 05:53:49

He was heading up to DC with 2 guns, wonder who he was planning on killing up there? Not a lot of white people up there ….

Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 06:07:12

Thankfully - DC’s near total ban on guns kept the city safe.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 10:53:16

It seems like the black cities have the worst crime - why?

what is your solution? Do you have one? Should we wall off Detroit, put all the criminals there, film it, use the revenue to drop food in? Oz/walking Dead thing.

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Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 12:27:21

It seems like the black cities have the worst crime - why?

It is a great question. And it wasn’t always like that. In fact, at one time, the “black” sections of major cities were considered some of the safer neighborhoods.

So what has changed?

Big government welfare and treating blacks as “special and protected” has destroyed them and their families.

What to fix black crime in big cities?

Arm law abiding blacks. Have it made perfectly clear that if a black thug committing a crime is shot dead by a law abiding armed black that the local DA will celebrate it with a case of beer.

No welfare for having a kid out of wedlock. Either pay for it yourself, find a husband or give it up for adoption.

Schools are allowed to enforce discipline. And if little Tyrone’s feelings get hurt - it is for the best. Just wait until he gets home to both his parents.

Jobs. Get rid of all the insane liberal policies that have destroyed low-end jobs in the big cities. Deport all illegals in the cities. Get a job and keep a job or get nothing from the state.

EBT cards. Go back to food stamps and all you can buy are the basics. Absolutely nothing processed. Don’t like it - get a job.

Everyone pays taxes. No credits. When you have some skin in the game you look at things differently.

Police - need to go back to “serve and protect” and stop looking at writing tickets as a way to pay for their pensions. Which means total public union reform so people can afford to live in a city with a low end job.

Families + jobs + thugs being afraid + discipline + trustworthy police = low crime.

Comment by redmondjp
2015-08-27 13:03:18

Couldn’t have said it better myself, but I fear we’ll need a complete ‘reset’ in order to get back to this.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 13:50:09

So what has changed?

Do you mean black neighborhoods in the 1940’s?

ps. I have driven through the south, these people have no skills, no one will EVER hire them. There are no jobs for them. The are a waste of bones.

How is Kansas doing these days? Compare that to liberal Berkeley, CA. your ideas are flawed and you live in a fantasy

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 06:18:50

That report covers an angle the NPR story missed.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 06:45:55

Social Justice Warriors™ are Klansmen wearing rainbow colored robes.

7 years of Obama, and this is what you get.

Sigh, forward.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 06:47:52

You can’t blame this on Obama. The social fabric has been fraying for years, for a variety of reasons. Don’t serve up grade school answers to PhD questions.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 07:08:00

social fabric

Are you a TradCon now?

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Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-08-27 07:23:41

It all started with the Boomers. Spoiled little brats.

Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 09:12:02

Who spoiled those Boomers?

Comment by Cracker Bob
2015-08-27 08:50:00

“Don’t serve up grade school answers to PhD questions.”

Right, who do you think you are - Donald Trump?

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Comment by nhtransplant
2015-08-27 09:11:44

I look forward to reading your dissertation.

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Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 09:10:39

The #BlackLivesMatter Revolution Will Be Televised

What does that shooting have to do with #BlackLivesMatter?

Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 12:28:26

It gives cover to black racists who specifically killed whites to start a race war.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 13:52:14

smart phones and the media are stirring the pot for the upcoming race war.

Inequality for all!!

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Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 14:17:52

How does #BlackLivesMatter “give cover” to that murderer in Virginia?

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Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 05:16:42

Is the correction over now? Did wall street get it what it wanted from mr dudley?

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 05:47:23

Now that the Fed is blatantly hinting that liftoff is on indefinite hold, I guess it is safe to back up the truck and load it.

Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 06:35:01

I guess you should just keep buying overpriced assets and hope the FED keeps u in the game.Seems like a great way to run an economy.

Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-08-27 07:24:58

As called by many here ever since the first hints that a rate increase would happen “in about 6 months.”

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 06:25:20

Marketwatch dot com
Market Extra
Here’s why the stock market correction isn’t over yet
By Anora Mahmudova
Published: Aug 26, 2015 5:02 p.m. ET
‘It takes time to rebuild confidence,’ says analyst

The U.S. stock market’s more-than-10% drop over the course of a few days has a lot of investors wondering if the worst is over.

Analysts who had previously sounded warnings over a potential pullback inclined to say there is likely more pain in store over the next several weeks.

James Abate, chief investment officer at Centre Asset Management LLC, has been concerned about valuations and profit margins for the past six months and at had previously warned that a sizable correction could be in the offing.

“Our script is playing out and we feel good for having hedged for such a downturn,” Abate said.

“The best-case scenario is that we trade sideways from this point for some time. But we expect markets to decline further as there is simply no catalyst that would take the markets higher. Historically, it would be the Fed easing, but the Fed is out of bullets and has no additional liquidity,” Abate said.

“We put a 20%-25% probability for this correction to morph into a bear market, but a trigger for that would be a scenario where some financial institutions fails,” he said. A bear market is often described as a decline of at least 20% from market highs.

Comment by Hargert
2015-08-27 10:25:16

None of the issues that triggered the China sell off and the worldwide sell off have changed. Demand is down and not rising back up any time soon. I am thinking this bump is the larger players buying in to try to make a quick buck and will dump again to take profits out while they can.

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 05:21:11

Hey, boyz n’ gurlz, it’s back to school! You know, that time of year when your parents stick their heads in the sand and lovingly send you off to institutions that are chock-a-block with perverts, bullies, gangbangers and social justice warriors in the making. But hey, betcha they bought you a nifty new backpack!

Is our children learning?

Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-08-27 05:55:02

Let’s do away with all public education so only the Elite are educated. Just like it used to be back in the Little Rascals days. What’s the point anyway, it’s just warehousing/babysitting. Might as well stay home and watch videos fromYale or Stanford on youtube.

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 06:20:44

Our county is now offering K-12 online education. Given the fact that the school system here seems to have an ongoing problem with adult, uh, contact with students (especially the women going after the boys, weird), I think it’s a good idea. Of course, someone has to supervise, but the program is in its infancy and time will tell how this works out. My guess is groups of parents will get together and parcel out supervisory duties on a schedule within the group.

This is much healthier than what we have going on. I wouldn’t wish public education on my worst enemy’s kids. Reminds me of that old joke about robbing banks, because that’s where the money is. For the pervs, that’s how they seem to look at education, because it’s where the kids are.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 06:54:30

Our NEA indocrination mills promote and tolerate mediocrity and substandard performance, knowing the ‘tards who get their diplomas will be docile little sheep incapable of independent thought. Those who see through their brainwashing, the future Ron Paul supporters, will be labled “non-compliant” and diagnosed with “Oppositional Defiant Personality Disorder.”

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Comment by In Colorado
2015-08-27 07:27:41

Given the fact that the school system here seems to have an ongoing problem with adult, uh, contact with students (especially the women going after the boys, weird)

Funny how the media tends to bury those stories. They do get reported, but they aren’t close to front page news. I guess those boys are supposed to be “lucky” or something. I recall watching Jay Leno joke “why didn’t I have teachers like that when I was in school?”

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Comment by stewie
2015-08-27 11:00:18

It’s the unspoken double standard in our society that a boy assaulted by an adult female predator should feel lucky that ANY woman wants to have sex with him while a girl in the same position is clearly a victim. Thankfully, the law doesn’t share this double standard and those female predators are still prosecuted.


Comment by Overtaxed
2015-08-27 14:50:02

“Thankfully, the law doesn’t share this double standard and those female predators are still prosecuted.”

Prosecuted sometimes. And NEVER doled out a sentence that resembes what a man would get. That hottie teacher in Tampa who slept with her student (Debra something) got a suspended sentence and didn’t have a register as a sex offender. A man would be lucky to only get 10 years, serve 5, and then spend the rest of his days living under a bridge because he can’t be anywhere near students.

The double standard is alive and well when it comes to sexual abuse.

Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-08-27 07:29:00

The suburban schools in good areas are doing fine. Most schools where parents are involved are doing fine. Control for the broken families 50 years of subsidizing single motherhood/family destruction and 20+ years of unfettered illegal immigration has accomplished and the picture is rosy.

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Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 07:48:05

Yeah, no, not in Florida, some of the perv schoolmarms here have been in the “better” districts.

Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-08-27 07:57:12

Sadly, every single large institution dealing with kids will have these problems. Although we must try, the sickos will always target where the kids are. The Internet allows it to be exposed and publicized easier than ever before. Our laws do not properly deal with people who seek to sexually abuse kids.

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 08:16:46

Two Words: Dennis Hastert

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 08:49:39

Hey, Colorado, this is off topic, but what is Ramos’ major malfunction?

“I’m a reporter, an immigrant, a senior citizen,” Ramos said calmly. “I have the right to ask a question.”

Senior citizen???? LOL, reminds me of the people who retire here in Florida and demand respect and service based on that they’re a senior citizen. The radio talk show guys used to make fun of this all the time.

I almost felt sorry for the guy, yammering away about his rights. Some days I feel the reason he and others like him do this in the US is because Mexico gives them the back of its hand. So not having any luck changing things at home, the US becomes a sort of proxy target, where people actually will listen and treat them better. Problem is, seems like the better they are treated, the more they push the envelope.

Is it true Univision is partially owned by the Mexican Government? If so, it seems Ramos is in terror that millions of people might be headed back to his country.

Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 09:15:41

That’s a great disorganized rant, palmetto. It shows that Trump scored a big there. He yelled at a guy who is both a reporter and a Hispanic.

Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 09:20:06

As a minority reporter…

He has the right to be rude in a press conference and speak out of turn, without being called upon and over another reporter.

Mexicans flee a sh*thole and want to recreate the same sh*thole here

Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 09:52:48

Yeah, that’s Mexico’s big problem. People speak out of turn too much.

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 10:10:14

Mmmmmikey! And a Senior Citizen, too, let’s not forget. A Senior Citizen!!!! Oh, the hannity! I would not have been as restrained as Trump. I would have told him he came to the wrong place, the early bird special is up the street.

What he is, is an agent of a foreign country and should register as such. He should also wait his turn, but I’m not holding my breath. “Waiting your turn” is not something many of his countrymen think they should have to do. Many people go through a long process to enter the country as legal residents. Some never make it. What makes people from south of the border such special snowflakes that the rules should be different for them?

Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 10:51:00

Wikipedia says that Ramos became an American citizen in 2008. What’s going with this is good old-fashioned stereotyping. Every member of the group is tarnished by the bad behavior of any other member of that group.

Comment by In Colorado
2015-08-27 11:14:12

s it true Univision is partially owned by the Mexican Government?

I believe that at one time it was partially owned by Televisa, a private broadcaster that is cozy with the Mexican government. But as it grew, FCC laws required Televisa to divest.

from wikepdia:

On June 27, 2006, Univision Communications was acquired by a consortium led by Haim Saban’s Saban Capital Group (who had previously owned Saban Entertainment), TPG Capital, L.P., Providence Equity Partners, Madison Dearborn Partners and Thomas H. Lee Partners for $13.7 billion (or $36.25 per share), plus the assumption of $1.4 billion in debt.[7][8] The sale received federal approval and was formally consummated on March 27, 2007.[9]

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 11:19:14

He is a dual citizen, with obvious loyalties to Mexico, first.

As far as stereotyping goes, that’s an unfortunate development of this whole issue, because indeed, “Hispanics” have become splintered off and as a group, have permitted themselves to become conflated with crime, poverty, fraud, overpopulation, etc. It didn’t used to be like that, I grew up Catholic in the Northeast where Spanish speaking immigrants were just another part of the group, all working toward assimilation and survival in the US. Somewhere, somehow, at some point, decisions seem to have been made to identify “Hispanics” with illegal immigrants from south of the border, and to talk about the “Hispanic” vote, etc., as if it is all the same. It wasn’t my decision, that’s for sure.

When one is told that objecting to illegal immigration offends “Hispanics”, then this becomes part of the problem, and I lay that at the feet of the media and groups like LaRaza, all of whom thrive on this conflict. It’s not a conflict that I asked for. Certainly, it never offended me when people objected to members of the IRA living covertly in the US. And I certainly never objected to a good Kennedy bashing.

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 11:28:46

Thanks, Colorado.

Wow, this is completely confusing.

So is this:

Sounds a little bit like Carlos Slim, that Televisa business.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 19:33:54

Seems like Trump has thrown away the Hispanic vote. Not to suggest that you need that to win an election.

Comment by inchbyinch
2015-08-27 13:14:42

There are some great courses from ivy league schools online, and many are free. After all, besides the social interaction, the one thing school teaches you, is how to teach yourself. Some courses are better in a lecture hall. They just don’t work online.

My all time favorite course was sitcom writing. It was a great creative outlet and challenged me. You could not take a class like that online.

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Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 16:26:11

Online classes are worthless. College is not just about regurgitating what you learned before the end of the quarter.

Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 05:21:15

Retirement? Bah! Let’s spend it now
The Fiscal Times - Beth Braverman - 8/27/2015
The ant and the grasshopper.

Except now the grasshopper has a huge government to buy his/her vote and to make sure the ant “pays his/her fair share.”

And it is for the chirldren.

Americans may be taking their #YOLO lifestyle a bit too far. You do only live once, after all, but most people also only get one shot at retirement.

More than a third of Americans say that they’re not saving for tomorrow because they are unwilling to sacrifice their quality of life today and would rather spend their money on things like dinners and vacations, according to a new study by Charles Schwab.

Maintaining their current lifestyle was the number one reason that people aren’t saving for retirement, followed by unexpected expenses (31 percent), covering monthly bills (31 percent), and paying off credit card debt (24 percent).

Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-08-27 05:58:04

The retirement situation for those turning 65 is deplorable. Truly shocking how many have nothing and will be on the government’s dime. Entirely unsustainable situation, not even counting the free medical care.

Comment by rms
2015-08-27 20:53:27

“Entirely unsustainable situation…”

Donated at a red cross blood drive yesterday. It was truly incredible how many morbidly obese people were there many who lacked the iron to donate, couldn’t find a vein that would flow, etc., and the medical staff too… all obese except one young lady. One phatty passed out after donating while stuffing herself with sugar cookies at the exit tables. It took two hours to donate… my longest wait yet.

Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 05:38:41

If china is dumping billions in treasuries who is buying?

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 05:41:11

The Fed, is what I read. And why not? It’s all thin air anyway.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 11:56:39

Long-term Treasurys are acting like a safe haven asset — i.e. their price has recently risen steeply.

I’m not sure how this squares with the rumor that a large sovereign entity is dumping them?

ft dot com/markets
Global Economy
Markets Insight
August 27, 2015 5:30 am
China devaluation stirs deflation fears
Laurence Mutkin
Concern reflected in falling long-term bond yields and inflation expectations
An investor reads a newspaper before a screen showing share prices at a securities firm in Hangzhou, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province on August 24, 2015. Shanghai shares nosedived 8.49 percent on August 24 as Beijing’s latest market intervention failed to restore confidence, with concern mounting about the stalling economy. CHINA OUT — AFP PHOTO

What is behind global financial markets’ extreme moves since China’s decision to allow its currency to move to a managed float? One explanation is that investors increasingly fear global disinflation is not a dragon that has been slain by muscular central bank measures, but a phoenix that is rising from the ashes.

Certainly, the direct impact of the renminbi fall on US and European inflation and economic activity — even if it extends to 10 per cent — is too small to justify the large falls seen in bond yields and inflation gauges.

The weight of China’s currency in the trade-weighted dollar and euro is about 20 per cent and, as a rule of thumb, a 10 per cent rise in the trade-weighted dollar and euro takes about 0.5-0.6 per cent off inflation and real GDP growth over 18 months. So even if the renminbi is devalued by 10 per cent, the effect would be to cut US and European inflation and growth by only 10 or 20 basis points over a year, other things being equal.

The same is true of the fresh fall in commodity prices. Yes, further weakness in commodities also weakens the near-term inflation outlook. But such falls wash out of year-on-year inflation data over time as base effects roll forward. And they amount to a tax cut for G10 producers and consumers. So although the renewed fall in commodity prices is striking, and its near-term effects undoubtedly significant, how it can directly justify a fall in long-term yields and inflation forwards is difficult to see.

Nonetheless, long-term bond yields and inflation forwards in the US and Europe have been falling quite dramatically. Since the end of June, 30-year US Treasury yields, which should reflect investors’ expectations for long-term inflation and economic growth, have fallen 50 basis points. And this in spite of the fact that two-year yields, which reflect expectations for the path of official interest rates, have barely changed.

Comment by rms
2015-08-27 20:57:15

“If china is dumping billions in treasuries who is buying?”

Good question for Lawrence “the thief” Summers.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 05:43:09
Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 06:11:14

Can you say “I am a victim” with an aussie accent?

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 06:49:43

Followed by: “I deserve compensation…or else.”

Comment by redmondjp
2015-08-27 09:04:29

There will be a surplus of abandoned, emptie barbies on the litter-strewn back patios . . .

(barbeques, not dolls)

Comment by In Colorado
2015-08-27 11:04:21

Is backyard grilling really that popular in Oz? I ask because I recall once reading that Australians were puzzled by Hogan (Croc Dundee’s) famous tagline “put a shrimp on the barbie”. Apparently, they don’t do that.

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Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 11:35:37

That may have been because they call shrimp prawns.

Comment by stewie
2015-08-27 11:14:42

Crikey!! I thought Sheila researched this!

Comment by Give It A Good Smell
2015-08-27 16:32:17

“This listing is special John.”

Still makes the skin crawl after all these years.

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Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 05:49:06

What do you make of the Loch Ness Monster in China’s stock chart?

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 05:51:02

Marketwatch dot com
The Tell
Beijing, ‘Loch Ness monster’ eyed in China’s mysterious rally
By Victor Reklaitis
Published: Aug 27, 2015 6:18 a.m. ET
Rise sparks talk of chart pattern, state intervention

China’s Shanghai Composite jumped 5.3% on Thursday, snapping a five-day losing streak.

The rally has cheered investors worldwide, given all of the China-inspired selling in recent days, but it’s also triggered plenty of skepticism, snark and chart-related goofiness.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 06:39:41

Did you buy the dip?

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 06:41:57

Marketwatch dot com
Amid market chaos, new investors jumped into stocks
By Caitlin Huston
Published: Aug 27, 2015 9:33 a.m. ET
New online accounts and deposits spiked, especially for app targeting Millennials
Robinhood saw a 500% increase in net deposits Monday.

As stocks took a nose dive earlier this week, online investors decided the time was right to buy.

Online investing platforms experienced an increase in new account creation and deposits Monday and Tuesday, implying an opportunistic crowd of individual investors attempting to profit off the panic on Wall Street.

Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 07:01:50

probably margin accounts.

Comment by Rental Watch
2015-08-27 08:39:50

Didn’t buy, but didn’t sell either.

Comment by cactus
2015-08-27 10:41:39

Did you buy the dip?”

haha who sold the dip ? There were some sell limit orders that got filled very low on Monday as ETF’s became unhinged from their indexs.

best not to do anything unless you are a experienced day trader. Pick a asset allocation and don’t worry about it.

Yes I bought APA at the dip with play money and probably should buy more iphi

Comment by Get Stucco
2015-08-27 12:40:40

“who sold”

Some folks who should have sold a while back instead got stucco.

Markets Financial Services Hedge Funds
Hedge Funds Bruised by Stocks’ Meltdown
A tumble in share prices stunned many hedge-fund managers and erased the year’s gains for some
Nelson Peltz’s Trian Fund Management is in the red for the year. Photo: David A. Grogan/CNBC/Getty Images
By Rob Copeland
Aug. 26, 2015 7:28 p.m. ET

Hedge-fund managers like to promise their investors protection from market swings. In the recent stock swoon, many were caught off guard.

Billionaire managers such as Leon Cooperman, Raymond Dalio and Daniel Loeb are deeply in the red this month, left flat-footed by the quick plunge for stocks world-wide. Mr. Cooperman’s Omega Advisors posted a 12% decline this month through Wednesday and 10% this year. Mr. Loeb’s Third Point LLC and William Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management are also down big, erasing their gains for the year.

Other traders suffered amid this week’s volatility. Monday, when the market collapsed more than 1,000 points in its largest ever intraday point decline, marked one of the worst days for many managers since the crisis.

That is a hit to an industry that has for years excused its relative underperformance compared with benchmarks by promising that collections of bets on and against markets—a so-called long/short strategy—would insulate the impact of any future market gyrations.

“We’ve struck out this month so far,” said one hedge-fund manager.

Comment by "Auntie Fed, why won't you love ME?"
2015-08-27 12:02:40

No, I did not throw my capital into the pot of margin accounts belonging to people who are currently living off of an unprecedented quantity of borrowed stock money. Guess I lost, huh?

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 06:58:17

China demands rate hike - dream on. The Fed is the Oliogopoly’s chief instrument for plundering the 99%, and ZIRP and QE-to-infinity are the perfect tools to carry out this mandate. So regardless of the spewings of various Fed mouthpieces, ZIRP and QE will continue until market forces finally force the Fed’s hand, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Sorry, PBOC. You know how it works with crony capitalism and a robber baron elite.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 06:58:26

Warmist Warming Thursday

Los Angeles Times (real journalists) report: Sea levels will rise, experts warn, and ‘it’s not going to stop’

And now back to your regularly scheduled Drudge Report links

Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 09:24:03

The only solution is bigger and bigger government with more and more regulations and higher and higher taxes.

And if that doesn’t solve the problem - it means we failed to make government as big as needed.

And it is for the children.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 12:36:37

Yeah! Like that wall!! Bog GOv! Bog Wars!

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 07:03:46

Never forget: ALL wars are bankers’ wars. ALL. Without exception.

Years ago I read a book that I think was called “The Merchant Bankers” and was meant to be a laudatory book examining the history of these institutions. It left no doubt in my mind what these “bankers” have been up to for hundreds of years.

They actually start the wars and often lend to both sides. It’s a very old game. The amount of misery these institutions have caused over the centuries is incalculable.

Get rid of the banks, the FED, whatever and there WILL be peace on the planet.

Franklin Templeton: Gain From Our Perspective. HAH!

Comment by Selfish Hoarder
2015-08-27 07:06:59

Debt is for dummies. zero debt and lots of T bills and cash after a nice six year runup of inflated stocks. That is muy Bueno.

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 07:10:05

Muy Bueno is a world without bankers.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 07:12:19

Aspen, Estes Park, Salida, Leadville, Vail, Grand Lake, Silverton, Telluride.

Just another day in the life of a renter. Meanwhile, the married schlubs I know get to spend their weekend at IKEA and mowing the lawn.

“So much cash, gotta keep it in Hefty bags” — Ice T

Comment by "Auntie Fed, why won't you love ME?"
2015-08-27 11:55:30

I spent my wealth last night on a battery-powered bath and shower scrubber from Homoaners have to scrub by hand.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 15:44:58

I scrub by hand, too. Gets done better that way. And never needs batteries.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 15:48:51

Aspen, Estes Park, Salida, Leadville, Vail, Grand Lake, Silverton, Telluride.

You covered all those in one day? What did you do?

Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-08-27 07:30:40

Isn’t the Jackson Hole Gathering of the Elites going on soon?

Comment by "Auntie Fed, why won't you love ME?"
2015-08-27 11:58:41


I think you should add a “The” to the beginning of your handle.

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-08-27 19:19:01

how come?

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 19:55:34

I still say “Stack O’ Cash” is most accurate.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by taxpayers
2015-08-27 07:38:52

3.7% gdp
the 10yr at 2.18?
gubbermint numbers
market dissagrees

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 07:48:11

The rent is too damn high:

Thanks, Obama.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 07:54:46

Rallying the base:

No “smaller government” here.

No “less regulation” here.

No “lower taxes” here.

The United States national debt is over $18,000,000,000,000.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 09:17:52

Theres a whole lotta lyin’, duckin’, weavin’ and rage going on.

Comment by "Auntie Fed, why won't you love ME?"
2015-08-27 11:44:23

Rageduckin. It’s what’s for dinner.

Comment by taxpayers
2015-08-27 09:47:38

way off topic but you can get a 1080p “sports video” delivered by packet from Chine for $50
whos using this product daily?

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 10:33:03

I have one. Do you want to see 75 mins of snorkeling in Kauai? About 32 mins in, I promise a sea turtle!!

Comment by palmetto
2015-08-27 10:53:17

I like the gopro videos of towns and cities on youtube. Great way to get a feel for an area, especially if you’re considering moving.

Comment by fisher
2015-08-27 12:10:10

I’ll could make one for Albuquerque… or you could just watch The Omega Man or Dawn of the Dead.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by redmondjp
2015-08-27 13:07:56

Wow, so Breaking Bad paints it in a pretty positive light, then?

Comment by fisher
2015-08-27 13:29:16

Ironically, yes. BrBa actually did an excellent job of capturing the anarchic vibe here, with a good bit of showbiz sparkle thrown in. It works better than the reality. We are woefully short of larger than life masterminds, criminal or otherwise. Just grinding poverty and grotesque stupidity. And bad, bad craziness. Long before the Breaking Bad debut, the mayor of Albuquerque forbade “Cops” from filming additional segments in the area because it made the town look so vile. You can turn away from the truth, but it’s still there every day, stinking to high heaven. The school board fiasco mentioned earlier is a perfect example. Unbelievable.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 13:56:38

ABQ has some good areas and the COL is cheap, and you are a 60 min train ride to one of the best small towns in the USA.

It sure beats all of the big cities like: phili, Baltimore, PHX, Dallas, Houston, Fresno, St. Louis, Cleveland, Atlanta…. get it?

Comment by fisher
2015-08-27 15:03:19

“…. get it?”

Not really, since I’ve never lived in any of those metro areas and have only visited a few of them. I do take your point though. Instead of fixing our dreadful (and probably unfixable) problems, the ABQ Chamber of Commerce should go on a public relations push that says, “Hey, at least we’re better than Baltimore!” It just might work! It would also help if we could stay off those lists like “worst cities for small business”. For some reason ABQ came in #2 of the 5 worst in the country. The number one spot was in CT. “Hey, at least we’re better than Connecticut!”

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 15:26:30

Ya cant fix ABQ over night–it was worse in the 80’s. But, you are better off than living in PHX. Cheer up. Go get an awful beer at that converted gas station near UNM.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 10:08:53

Darn you DOW!!! I missed it again….

Comment by Lola
2015-08-27 10:17:25


Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 10:44:03


Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 10:56:22

Billings Gazette
Robert J. Samuelson: The commodities bubble behind the crash
51 minutes ago

WASHINGTON — First was the dot-com bubble, then the housing bubble. Now comes the commodities bubble. We don’t fully understand the stock market’s current turmoil, but we do know it’s driven at least in part by a bubble of raw material prices. Their collapse weighs on world stock markets through fears of slower economic growth and large financial losses.

All bubbles share similar characteristics. There’s a strong, enthusiastic demand for some object (whether stocks, homes, oil or tulips). High demand pushes up prices, which inspires more demand. Prices ultimately reach unsustainable levels so that when spending slows, the bubble implodes. Commodities have now traced this familiar path.

As The Economist reminds, raw material prices respond to different influences. Weather affects crops; technology (aka “fracking”) affects oil recovery. Still, despite these variations, prices of many commodities (not just oil) have followed roughly similar trajectories in recent years. They have dropped steeply, according to figures from the International Monetary Fund.

Here are declines for five commodities from 2012 through July 2015:

- Oil, down 48 percent.

- Iron ore, down 60 percent.

- Copper, down 31 percent.

- Palm oil, down 39 percent.

- Wheat, down 37 percent.

Many commodity prices have continued to fall.

The bubble formed on hopes that China’s rapid growth would feed an ever-expanding appetite for raw materials, says economist John Mothersole of the consulting firm IHS Global Insight. Demand and prices would remain high indefinitely. China’s demand seemed destined to stay strong.

It didn’t. In 2010, China’s economy grew 10 percent; the IMF expects 6.8 percent in 2015 and 6.3 percent in 2016. Other economists think growth could be lower. As a result, much of the added production capacity (mines and the like) to supply China isn’t needed. “There’s a new commodities era,” says economist Rabah Arezki, head of the IMF’s commodities research. “Everyone was rushing to invest. Now they have to adjust to a new lower level of demand.”

Comment by "Auntie Fed, why won't you love ME?"
2015-08-27 11:31:30

This article ignores the glaring reality that stocks and real estate are in THE SAME BUBBLE as commodities.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 14:57:55

Not exactly the same bubble, as you saw commodities begin a multi-year slide long before the stock market saw significant declines.

Comment by redmondjp
2015-08-27 15:39:58

Yes, the real estate bubble here in Seattle lags other parts of the country.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Patrick
2015-08-27 12:19:54

In Canada the commodities sector employs abut 1.4% of the GDP but accounts for 58% of our exports !

Half off prices have distorted the volumes though.

The economy is not being reported accurately. It is not about the stock market - it is about jobs. Those jobs used to order raw materials in from domestic sources. Now foreigners get to decide whose commodities they will buy. Presto, not only manufacturing jobs given away but commodity dollars as well.

Next the foreigners will be buying up our commodity mines, etc.

Wait - they already are !

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 10:59:56

China is selling it’s US Treasury holdings to prop up their stock market and the yuan. They are selling them at a discount to the face value which means people are getting higher interest on the debt and the US is paying it.
These sales of US debt of which there is almost $1.5 trillion or over 10% of the US private GDP are driving interest rates higher. That is why treasuries remain at over 2% while the stock market collapsed.

It is also the reason that the Fed will lose control of interest rates and they will be headed much higher and much sooner than people think

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 14:56:48

“It is also the reason that the Fed will lose control of interest rates and they will be headed much higher and much sooner than people think…”

I started seeing predictions like that around 1989 or so.
Meanwhile, the long-term trend in long-term Treasury yields over the subsequent 26 years has been towards CRATER.

Comment by frankie
2015-08-27 11:01:32

In the UK we are doing our best to reduce the number of people claiming benefits. This particular policy has been a particular effective.

Almost 2,400 people declared ‘fit to work’ and taken off benefits in a controversial government crackdown were DEAD within two weeks

At least 2,600 sick and disabled people died after being declared fit to work
The government contractor approved them to work following assessment
Critics have demanded an inquiry after they died when taken off benefits

Comment by stewie
2015-08-27 11:21:13

Culling the herd…


Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 12:46:43

Almost 2,400 people declared ‘fit to work’ and taken off benefits in a controversial government crackdown were DEAD within two weeks

Statistically - what do the numbers mean? Would 2,400 have died, on average, anyways? Was there any fraud in the 2,400?

Are you trying to convince us that after 2 week of being taken off benefits these 2,400 people suddenly got jobs as roofers and died of heart attacks?

The lies of liberals. Never let a crisis go to waste. Never, ever reduce the size and scope of government. Use ANY statistics to your benefit no matter the science or lack of substance behind them (global warming is a classic example)

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 14:14:36

There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.

Food stamps at $155 a mo, keeping the money local, make good financial sense to a person who is financially conservative.

Comment by polly
2015-08-27 15:02:42

No, the article basically points out that the contractor the government hired was paid to determine whether people were actually too sick to work or if they were faking it. The private sector business made recommendations after supposedly doing as assessment. But they managed to recommend that nearly 2400 people were healthy enough to go back to work even thought they were so sick they died within two weeks of the recommendation being made. In a country with universal health care, so they didn’t die for lack of enough money to go to the hospital.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 15:47:35

Probably killed by shock of being forced to go from being parasites to pulling their own weight.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 11:02:40

LOLZ abound in this article and the reader comments:

Parents on HBB, if you don’t want your daughters on Tinder, maybe you should have done a better job parenting them.

I swear there are another 100 millennial women moving to Denver every day now, it’s like an all you can eat buffet, with legal weed!

Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 11:28:51

You must have missed this part.

Even though boys and girls score comparably on raw intelligence tests, when it comes to actual school work, girls fare much better. Girls are better organized, they’re more likely to be valedictorians. The girls are just better at college preparation.

It appears that it’s the boys who need more parental attention. Though this problem probably doesn’t affect the elites. If someone like J-j-j-joe has a son, he won’t need any more help than a daughter would.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 12:06:06

Pay attention, MikeyMite.

Girls I’m not here to hookup with your “degree” or hookup with your “job” but I’ll nod politely while you talk about them for 10 minutes before we leave the bar.

Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 13:31:36

So you’re saying that parents need to warn their daughters about people like you. Isn’t it well known that Tinder is for hookups, not “relationships”?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 12:31:51

So why aren’t there special male only scholarships and male affirmative action programs?

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 14:47:22

There are, they call it Sigma Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by "Auntie Fed, why won't you love ME?"
2015-08-27 11:25:31

Oil is up almost 9% so far today, yet I am still down on the money I bet just a few months ago. What is wrong with this picture? Is it normal or natural in any way?

Comment by "Auntie Fed, why won't you love ME?"
2015-08-27 11:28:36

And oh, look, sugar is also up by the same amount as oil.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 13:02:11

Did your portfolio suffer market-induced whiplash today due to the violent up moves in stocks and commodities prices?

Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 13:12:23

someone was real excited to buy into the close. Got to keep folks confident about their stocks.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 15:53:47

As Central Banks Try to Spark Inflation, Buy Commodities, Energy Stocks
By Gregg Greenberg
08/27/15 - 01:29 PM EDT

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) — From oil to copper to corn, commodity prices have collapsed in the past year. Scott Colyer, CEO of Advisors Asset Management, said the negativity toward hard assets is exactly why investors should start legging into energy and mining stocks.

“Inflation is highly correlated to commodity prices, so at a time period when 27 central banks around the world are easing and trying to create inflation, I don’t think I want to put myself in front of that move,” said Colyer. “I would try and be properly aligned and congruent with what they are trying to do.”

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 11:42:51


Comment by "Auntie Fed, why won't you love ME?"
2015-08-27 19:06:43


Comment by rj chicago
2015-08-27 11:56:42

Somewhere along the line I missed this little piece of obama tyranny being foisted on liberty loving folk. Anyone see this from Feb. going forward?

Comment by Ben Jones
2015-08-27 11:59:52
Comment by Muggy
2015-08-27 12:20:00

Love the video Ben.

Droning music, dusty lots, cheetos, etc. this clip has it all.

Comment by Ben Jones
2015-08-27 12:36:11

Thanks, and I’m going to use voice overs in the future like you suggested. I’m still getting used to the process.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 12:58:53

Can I make a masked cameo in the Denver video?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Ben Jones
2015-08-27 15:08:16


Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 13:08:28

the music sounds like aliens will land any minute.

Looks like a housing boom to me.

See any bird doggers out there?

I was in san tan valley a couple weeks ago. I found a chinese buffet out by walmart that was pretty decent.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Ben Jones
2015-08-27 15:13:38

Did you wonder how I was able to drive and run the camera? Because I was the only one there. I saw 2 people in these locations in 4 hours. I never saw a grocery store in town. And it’s a good thing these houses aren’t built because the 2 lane roads wouldn’t handle it.

Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 15:38:36

I remember back in like 2004-05 the traffic was just a mess out there. Simply chaos really. It has gotten better since then trust me. There were buses driving speculators around from one new builder to the next checking to see if there were any specs and how long it would take to get a home done.

I bet there are still people out there who quit paying their mortgage 5 years ago but still living rent free.

Uncle bears by power road where home depot is was a great spot for a beer. Now they have one out by rittenhouse and ocitillo by that new walmart shopping center.

A lot of those people drove until they qualified.

I went over to some casino out by laveen recently called vee queeva. Nice place but nothing there really. Take a drive down there sometime. If you come off the 10 near goodyear you go south on like 51st ave to south mountain area. Then the beeline turns into riggs and hits 347.

Comment by redmondjp
2015-08-27 15:44:25

Here in the greater Seattle area, inadequate roads to huge developments out in the sticks hasn’t seemed to matter, and in fact seems the norm rather than the exception.

And fugeddabout any thought of mass-transit users in how these new developments were laid out, even in the highly-enlightened times that we now live in.

Comment by phony scandals
2015-08-27 18:54:36

“Love the video Ben.”


I really liked…

Pro Shop Closed
Please deliver all
Packages to Maint Dept

Comment by Ben Jones
2015-08-27 19:20:07

‘Please deliver all
Packages to Maint Dept’

There ain’t no maintenance department. It’s not easy to see, but all the grass on that course is dead.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 16:01:37

It is like the intro to a post apocalyptic zombie movie…

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 16:03:46

Excellent. Comments on it already.

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-08-27 19:28:11

Looks like 2006 to me. I drove around subdivisions like that in QC. Garish McMansions and dirt lots and foundations. Good golly it’s 9 years later. The QC area never learned. I know a guy who lived there in the mid 2000s and had all his firearms stolen. He sold his house for a loss and had to move to California. In California he rented a small apartment. He learned. Now he’s moving to Tucson and not sure if he will buy a house there or rent.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 12:00:02

Wall Street Journal subscriber paywall article reporting: Insurers Win Big Health-Rate Increases

Thanks, Obama

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 12:23:17

Too bad they dont keep working on ObamaCare. Insurance co’s win again, and congress sits on their hands. Why do we subsidize Blue Cross?

Glad we still dont drive Model T’s…they keep working on it.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 15:52:38

Obama is going to make bank once he gets out and starts giving paid speeches for $250K a pop to Big Pharma and insurance company trade groups. None dare call it bribery.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 16:02:01

It did not play out that way for Romney and RomneyCare in MA.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 12:25:42

CA gas $2.99 at Costco last night!!! WOW!

Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 12:29:43


Just above $2.00 in socialist NJ and they pump it for you!

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 12:57:57

Falling prices is a beautiful thing. Nothing is more optimistic than increasingly affordable prices.

Comment by Goon
2015-08-27 12:33:03

This article is disgusting, but that’s what America voted for:

Thanks again, Obama

Comment by Muggy
2015-08-27 15:46:19

“Attorney General Eric Holder returned to his previous employer, Covington & Burling — a firm that’s represented the biggest banks on Wall Street, and is internationally known for its white-collar defense practice. A week later, his DOJ chief of staff Margaret Richardson announced that she would be following him there.

Meanwhile, the latest data from the DOJ reveals that criminal prosecutions for white-collar crimes are at a 20-year low.”

Thanks for posting… upsetting…

Comment by Muggy
2015-08-27 15:50:03

“Reuters was referring to thousands of documents that were forged by bank employees during the foreclosure crisis. Before the crash, Covington helped Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bank of America, and JPMorgan create an entity called Mortgage Electronic Registry Systems, Inc. (MERS), which established a digital catalog of mortgages. MERS was later accused of drawing up fake mortgage assignments and fabricating documents in order to file illegal foreclosures on people’s homes.”

I’m so glad I can be a rent slave in their system.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 13:42:01

I’m surprised NumbNuts hasn’t shown up yet yammering about $80/bbl oil.

Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 13:51:26

I guess I better go fill up. was 2.79 at arco earlier.

What caused the short covering rally in oil today?

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 15:56:44

Venezuela called for an emergency OPEC conference. Big deal. Even if they have their silly conference, it changes nothing. The downward price trend is still intact, because the global economy continues to deteriorate.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 14:59:40

This is what happens when you dont have a girlfriend and watch too much TV:

Comment by 2banana
2015-08-27 15:16:22

That is pretty cool. And to think - it cost as little as two months of tuition at any rinky dink private college.

Comment by txchick57
2015-08-27 15:16:13

Next year for the yuuuuuuuuuge dump.

Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 15:40:24

We have missed you darling. what do you think is behind the big rally in stocks the past couple days? As I remember you were a professional trader? Have you been able to make any money ?

Comment by txchick57
2015-08-27 15:57:06

yeah, I’ve done fine. China stimulus, HFT/dark pools buying the dip early in the week …. who knows. A lot of the commodity stocks bottomed a few weeks ago. See CLF for example.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 15:47:11

Remember….. A house is a depreciating asset that never puts a dollar in your pocket.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 16:07:50

Capital gains on home sales should be 0%, since it is impossible to turn a profit. And HGTV has the ballz to give one away. Might as well give away a 500 gallon saltwater aquarium made of ice.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 16:27:35

It’s merely a means to compensate for the losses to depreciation my friend.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 16:06:18

While I love seeing The Donald stick it to the corrupt GOP Establishment, anyone tempted to support him should be clear-eyed about what he is all about.

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 16:12:40

STOP THE PRESS! I found a guy who made a profit selling his home!

Blue Nation Review reported Friday that a month before the 2012 election, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) sold his home to one of his major campaign donors, Ali Bahaj, for more than three times the property’s assessed value.

According to Blue Nation Review, Bahaj and his wife, Gloria, were longtime GOP donors who each gave the legal maximum amount to Schock’s campaign in the 2008 election that first brought him to Congress. Once in office, Schock publicly defended Caterpillar Inc., the large manufacturing company where Bahaj served as vice president, when it came under criticism for tax evasion and mass layoffs.

When Schock was up for reelection in 2012, Bahaj purchased Schock’s house in Peoria, Illinois for $925,000. The house was assessed at the time to be worth $255,000, a price comparable to the other properties in the neighborhood. Schock made a sizable profit from the sale, which he recorded properly in his financial disclosure form, according to Blue Nation Review.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 16:30:18

If you like your crony capitalism, keep voting for its water carriers.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 16:35:42

What were his losses to depreciation?

Comment by Califoh20
2015-08-27 17:48:14

I heard he painted the kitchen.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 17:56:46

That’s right. You have no idea his losses.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 16:15:35

Eric Cantor, the embodiment of corrupt Establishment GOP sleaze and crony capitalism, was ejected by VA voters in favor of a political novice, and promptly went to work for a Wall Street financial firm earning millions. Today, unsurprisingly, he endorsed a bird of a feather: Jeb Bush.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 16:21:05

I demand that this symbol of violence, intolerance, and racism be removed.

Comment by MightyMike
2015-08-27 16:28:38

removed from what?

Comment by phony scandals
2015-08-27 19:35:15

“removed from what?”

From all bystanders and participants of the gay pride parade in the sanctuary city that has a homeless pooping problem for starters. - 179k -

How to solve San Francisco’s homeless pooping problem

Brandon M. Mercer Updated 9:55 am, Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Image 1 of 4

A homeless man squats to defecate at Mint Plaza, just off 5th Street, on Aug. 17

San Francisco is known for its Golden Gate Bridge, world class cuisine, panoply of cultures, striking skyline, frigid fog, and homeless. More specifically, aggressive panhandling and homeless defecating and urinating in public. And sometimes doing even worse things.

With the holiday shopping season coming, and Super Bowl 50 right behind, the city by the bay will be in the national spotlight once again, and so will images like those above.…/article/How-to-solve-San-Francisco-s-homeless-pooping-6465355.php - 298k -

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-08-27 19:59:03

Your living room.

Comment by phony scandals
2015-08-27 20:39:18

I didn’t know MightyMike had a rainbow flag in his living room.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Raymond K Hessel
Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 16:38:39

Comment by Ben Jones
2013-08-08 07:45:35

Just for the record; there is no shortage of housing. Not in California, not in Tokyo, not anywhere. And there will come a day (again) when the media will tell us, ‘there’s a glut of houses for sale in….’, and regale us with sob stories, ‘I was doing great until the economy went south and my income went away and I can’t get rid of this damned house!’

So the best advice going forward is dump that depreciating shack for whatever it can fetch.

And remember… like there is no “shortage” of houses, there is no shortage of land. There is a globe full of it and 95% of it goes undeveloped.

Comment by azdude
2015-08-27 16:55:56

your rhetoric is almost entertaining sometimes after a few beers.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-27 17:05:55

There is no shortage of houses my friend. Or dirt for that matter.

Comment by redmondjp
2015-08-27 21:55:31

But there is a limited supply of potable water. THAT will determine where people are able to live for the remainder of this century.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-08-28 04:48:20

No my friend. We’re not running out of land, houses or water.

Comment by Little Al
2015-08-27 18:22:46

Hate to be so Machiavellian but……..

Global warming should be a very quick six foot rise, and the warnings will be as terrifying as the results.
Global warming will destroy Florida, but imagine the value of hilly areas.
Choice Florida and Georgia real estate on hills and such would be an
excellent investment.

Comment by AbsoluteBeginner
2015-08-27 19:50:38

I think there was a Superman movie or maybe ‘Office Space’ was based on that Machiavellian tact.

Comment by Little Al
2015-08-27 20:51:28

Actually, I think all of Florida would sink like a stone if Miami disappeared. I take it back. I’d wait for that event and then estimate the new seashore for 100 years. That really would work.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 18:36:05


- Points out similarities between Republican candidate campaign tactics and terrorism.

- Comments that the rest of the Republican candidates are all “like Trump but without the hair or the pizazz.”

You have to admire whomever made those observations on her behalf.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 18:39:26

Is it safe to invest in assets whose prices regularly jump up or down by ten percent in one day?

Seems about as sensible as playing a round of golf during a thunderstorm.

Comment by Ben Jones
2015-08-27 19:05:55

How about the Dow yesterday? Morning futures down 700, ends the day up 600 after rule 48 is invoked. Close to 10%.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 19:44:16

The Dow is suddenly on a tear to rival the Shanghai Index…last year.

Comment by Little Al
2015-08-27 20:54:52

That’s exactly what they want. The cautious money will stay out, but look at the overall undershoot. I’m a buyer tomorrow.
Are all extremely conservative moneymakers for the patient investor.

Comment by "Auntie Fed, why won't you love ME?"
2015-08-27 21:38:49

This reminds me of the time when I was a kid and just had to eat a corn dog before riding the coaster. Mom allowed it, and then laughed at me for a long time after that.

Comment by AbsoluteBeginner
Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-08-27 19:30:09

That’s gotta be a joke or the land it’s on is worth $499,950.

Comment by AbsoluteBeginner
2015-08-27 19:43:15

It’s the land. But look at all the existing houses around it. This is not Greenwich, CT.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 23:53:06

Is it a real rally if the government is doing the buying?

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-08-27 23:56:15

AlbqDan used to complain about Obama “spiking” the dollar. What the PBOC is doing seems far more blatant and egregious than whatever AlbqDan fantasized that Obama was doing.

Shanghai shares spike 5% in final half-hour of trade
Nyshka Chandran
15 Mins Ago

Asian stocks extended their recovery into the final trading day of the week as investors cheered a second day of gains in Chinese and U.S. markets.

China’s benchmark Shanghai Composite popped as much as 5 percent during the final half-hour of trade on Friday, building on a 5.4 percent gain in the previous session after news emerged that the People’s Bank of China purchased blue chip stocks and requested state-owned banks to buy more yuan on its behalf late on Thursday.

David Cui, head of China equity strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, told CNBC that there was likely more intervention on Friday.

“There still aren’t enough genuine buyers in the market so the government is really the buyer of last resort. As soon as people sense the government’s resolve to hold up the market is weakening, investors will dump stocks.”

Comment by Carl Morris
2015-08-28 00:30:37

So…you’re saying we haven’t had a real bull market in a long long time?

If so, I agree.

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