September 26, 2015

Bits Bucket for September 26, 2015

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Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 02:47:28

Why do people who long for equality support economic policies that only favors the rich/powerful/connected?

Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 07:21:05

For the same reason as people who do not support equality? You know, greed?

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-09-26 12:10:06

Then get your wallet out buddy. And don’t be volunteering mine.

Comment by joe smith
2015-09-26 13:36:27

well the media is funded/owned by a tiny sliver of the population.

the media also socializes in a rarefied space, where only certain backgrounds and financial statuses are present.

the messages that are crafted by the media are much more effective than we typically think. and it starts from a very young age.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 03:37:24

Bearishness is the new black.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 03:47:10

Never mind that the bears of 2000 were spot on with timing an epic stock market crash. This time is different, and contrarian bulls who ignore the bearish warnings are sure to come out on top!

Marketwatch dot com
Mark Hulbert
Opinion: Stock investors haven’t been this bearish in 15 years
By Mark Hulbert
Published: Sept 25, 2015 5:01 a.m. ET
Pessimism is a bullish sign, contrarian analysis suggests

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (MarketWatch) — Bearishness has reached an extreme not seen at least since the top of the Internet bubble in early 2000.

Yet this is a bullish omen, according to the inverse logic of contrarian analysis: Extreme levels of bearishness indicate that there is a very robust “wall of worry” for the market to climb.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 03:50:15

Marketwatch dot com
Market Snapshot
U.S. stocks ring up weekly loss; biotech sector routed
By Anora Mahmudova and Victor Reklaitis
Published: Sept 25, 2015 4:53 p.m. ET
Dow ekes out daily gain thanks to 8.9% jump in Nike, Inc.
Getty Images
Markets appear to get a lift from Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s latest speech.

U.S. stocks ended the week with a whimper, turning big opening gains in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite into losses by the conclusion of Friday’s session.

A sharp selloff in biotech and health-care stocks spread to broader markets, weighing on sentiment.

All three main indexes booked weekly losses, even as the Dow Jones Industrial Average eked out a gain on Friday, largely thanks to a 8.9% jump in Nike Inc. shares, which contributed 68 points to the blue-chips benchmark.

“A selloff in biotechs took the wind out of the rally. And in this low-volume environment traders are selling first and asking questions later,” said Ryan Larson, head of equity trading, U.S. RBC Global.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 03:53:54

Marketwatch dot com
Paul B. Farrell
Opinion: 10 questions will tell your survival chances in 2016 bear market
By Paul B. Farrell
Published: Sept 26, 2015 4:23 a.m. ET
Protect your retirement as stocks head for another $10 trillion loss
Getty Images/Keystone/Staff
Huge crowds outside the Sub Treasury Building (now Federal Hall National Memorial) and the statue of George Washington, opposite the Stock Exchange, New York, at the time of the Wall Street Crash, October 1929.

Yes, the Wall Street stock market casino will lose $10 trillion when we get a new president … yes, it’s “only a matter of time before the next recession strikes,” warns the Economist … yes, investor Mark Cook warns of a 4,000-point correction … yes, Jeremy Grantham’s on record predicting a 50% crash by election time, negative returns through the next president’s first term … and now our Kirk Spano’s new headline screams “the bear market has begun.” Yes, it is happening.

Get it? 95 million investors are at risk. Investors are now virtually 100% certain of new $10 trillion stock-market losses, like 2007-2009. Like the $8 trillion lost in the aftermath of the irrational exuberance insanity into the dot-com recession 2000-2003. Yes, welcome to the slow rollout of the third major recession of the 21st century. Yes, stocks will lose trillions again.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 03:56:48

Is it already time to go to cash again so soon?

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 04:04:56

I suppose it bears mentioning that 1990 was a year featuring the onset of a U.S. recession and an epic housing bust which continued to play out in California over the next six years or so.

Marketwatch dot com
The Tell
Cash beats stocks, bonds for first time in 25 years
By William Watts
Published: Sept 25, 2015 3:50 p.m. ET
Price action shows markets discounting peak liquidity and higher rates: BofA Merrill Lynch
Getty Images
Cash is king.

Cash is on track this year to outperform both stocks and bonds, something that hasn’t happened since 1990, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. And it might all be down to the notion that central bank-fueled liquidity has peaked.

Year-to-date annualized returns are negative 6% for global stocks and negative 2.9% for global government bonds, according to analysts led by Michael Hartnett in a Friday note. The dollar is up 6% and commodities are down 17%, while cash is flat.

Comment by Combotechie
2015-09-26 04:35:31

Nine stock market sectors, nine charts …

A lot of “wealth” is going poof.

Comment by azdude
2015-09-26 04:58:21

How many more years of central bank jawboning about raising rates a .25%?

Is that all that matters anymore?

So much more debt has been piled on to create this bubble that is basically impossible for the FED to raise rates substantially.

It is all hype. when will mainstream figure this out?

Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 07:23:21

It is all hype. when will mainstream figure this out?

It is no longer the corporate owned MSM’s job to “figure it out”. Their job is to take press releases and report them as “news”.

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Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 05:45:32

For some it is past time to go cash.

“The largest state-owned coal mining company in China’s northeastern region will cut its workforce by 100,000 over three months to reduce costs and improve efficiency, its chairman said on September 21.

Wang Zhikui, chairman of Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holding Group Co. Ltd., said the firm, which now has around 240,000 employees, will make the labor cuts through layoffs, early retirements and arranging other employment.

Longmay will also sell its non-coal businesses and work to collect debts it is owed by other firms in a bid to resolve its shortage of cash, Wang said.”

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 06:46:32

“Credit guarantee and loan defaults are coming because everyone is short on cash.”

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 04:23:43

I guess it is completely obvious that it is only a matter of time before recent stock and bond market losses spill over into housing. Too bad, so sad for the folks who locked themselves into thirty years of losses with a purchase near the Echo Bubble peak price.

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-09-26 05:44:01

Prediction for the next five years: The voters will allow one or all these events to happen to all Americans: Martial law, the third Sedition act or dictatorship.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-09-26 06:43:11

+1000. The herd creatures will willingly flock into the incorporated neoliberal plantation being prepared for them.

Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-09-26 06:46:24

Please seek alcoholic beverages or contact with other human beings immediately.

Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 07:30:09

Since when do voters “allow” martial law? My understanding is that happens when the Generals with the big guns and all the soldiers step in and say “we’re taking over”.

Voters can vote in a dictatorship, in a way that is what we have been doing.

As for a Third Sedition Act, wasn’t that the Patriot and Freedom Acts?

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-09-26 10:20:10

They allow Martial law by voting for statists. The Sedition Act criminalizes criticism of government. Patriot act id tame by comparison

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Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 11:20:17

But aren’t the Generals overthrowing the “statists” when they invoke martial law and take over? Last time I checked General was an unelected position.

Comment by Bill, Just south of Irvine
2015-09-26 12:15:35

Elected officials can also request martial law.

Comment by reedalberger
2015-09-26 12:40:06

Wow, I agree with SH. Go figure.


Comment by Senior Housing Analyst
2015-09-26 03:41:31

San Diego, CA Housing Prices Plummet 11% YoY As Prices Ramp Up Statewide

Comment by SD_LI
2015-09-26 23:18:07

Senior Housing Analyst, where does the 11% plummet figure come from? I don’t see it on that Zillow webpage.

Comment by Fail
2015-09-27 04:13:07


Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 04:19:42

Any predictions on for how long King Cash’s reign is destined to last?

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 06:52:05

Anyone alive during the last big credit blow off was long dead or in an advanced elder care facility by the time this one peaked.

Comment by Combotechie
2015-09-26 07:58:23

“Any predictions on for how long King Cash’s reign is destined to last?”

Eight-or-so years ago a multitude of HBB bloggers predicted that by now cash would be totally worthless except for possibly being burned in an effort to keep warm.

Funny, we don’t hear much of that anymore.

Comment by WPA
2015-09-26 08:11:51

+1 Combotechie. All of the gold bugs, Austrians, zero hedgers, etc. who said all of the “money printing” was going to cause massive inflation through “debased currency” have been wrong for years. The permabears sit by the side of the road talking and waiting for hyperinflation that never comes, just like the characters in Waiting For Godot.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 09:11:48

Some might consider me a permabear, yet for some reason I own no gold, owe little debt (net worth positive by the value of a California starter home), and have a large slice of my portfolio in cash equivalents that have negative correlation with debt inflated risk assets..

Go figure!

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Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 09:19:29

+1, PB.

Comment by joe smith
2015-09-26 13:46:05

there is a place for cash or t-bills, but once it goes past a few hundred thousand (200k maybe?) it is a bit nutty unless you are old. if you have a paid off house, car, whatever, you really don’t want that much cash laying around. vanguard admiral shares are a good place to dump the extra. but the real key is making connections and putting money into good deals locally to build productive assets. this is what “ownership society” really means — it does not mean working for someone else and funding a 401k/brokerage account.

(the latter is a watered down version the financial services industry sells to insecure strivers)

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-09-26 21:22:10

56 y.o. Between $100k and $200k for me. It’s about right, I think. Though now I’m working on building up crypto currency.

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-09-26 11:19:42

“All of the gold bugs, Austrians, zero hedgers, etc. who said all of the “money printing” was going to cause massive inflation through “debased currency” have been wrong for years. “

Because monetary inflation precedes wage inflation.

We have mostly seen inflation in the prices of stocks and houses. Houses have been inflationary also because of the zero capital gains tax and the Chinese locust buyers.

Name one fiat currency that outlasted gold as a value over the last 5,000 years.

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Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 11:26:51

Serious question, Bill: how do you even know that the gold coins that you buy are real?

Comment by Bill, Just south of Irvine
2015-09-26 12:22:31

Because I buy them from a long time reputable coin shop. It is in L.A. It has customers who also fly in from other countries. It has all the numismatic organizations listed. It is one of the official businesses listed by the U.S. Mint to sell Eagles and Buffalos. If a customer ever finds out his coin from that shop is counterfeit, word would get out so fast and the business would fold. There are about a dozen salespeople in that shop. They earn a living on the 4% commissions of the one ounce Eagles, even more on the fractionals. The business profits on buying and selling.

I would never buy a gold coin on EBay.

If I had to buy privately, without knowing the reputation of the seller, there are ways to figure out if a coin is real or counterfeit.

Comment by MightyMike
2015-09-26 12:26:49

But you have to trust the organization that made those coins.

Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 12:42:30

+1. How do you know that the governments aren’t counterfeiting them? They would be capable of making the absolute finest-quality counterfeits.

Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 12:45:19

Bill, followup thought: if it is sufficiently-difficult to tell real from fake that you depend primarily on the reputation of the shop to stay safe, then there is zero chance of gold coins ever being useful in real commerce between people who do not have long-standing relationships built on trust.

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-09-26 12:45:56

“But you have to trust the organization that made those coins.”

Now you are getting into a form of nonsensical hypothetical thinking.

Also you do not put 100% of your assets into precious metals.

I suppose I better refill my own ammo too. I better manufactor my own spark plugs because I cannot trust the organizations that make the spark plug I buy.

Hell I better get my own cattle because I cannot trust the meat I buy at Whole Foods.

I better crush my own grapes.

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-09-26 14:13:40

People happily exchange pieces of paper with print on them. I don’t see why they’d be less inclined to exchange gold coins.

On the ground, it doesn’t matter if it’s gold or not anyway.

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 17:22:44

I could tell you in about 20 seconds if something is gold or has gold in it and about what percentage. Jewelry or coin, doesn’t matter. It is not rocket science. Every coin or scrap dealer knows how to do this.

Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-27 09:53:59

I don’t see why they’d be less inclined to exchange gold coins.

Accept a counterfeit bill: I’m out $20, as I don’t normally use larger bills than that.

Accept a counterfeit 1oz coin: I’m out upwards of $1K.

See the difference?

Blue Skye: how do you do that? Serious question cause I don’t know.

Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 10:04:40

Eight-or-so years ago a multitude of HBB bloggers predicted that by now cash would be totally worthless except for possibly being burned in an effort to keep warm.

Funny, we don’t hear much of that anymore.

So does that mean the Fed Gov can run trillion dollar deficits into perpetuity? Or will we reach a point where conjuring money out of thin air will have consequences? Personally, I think that a lot of can kicking remains, but at some point it will end.

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 10:36:22

It’s all about timing and the sequence of things.

We’ve had 40 years of credit expansion (inflation), far overshadowing any print and spend. Now we are in credit contraction, still without significant print and spend. Asset values have been falling for a time and defaults are happening. It’s deflation and defaults will propagate like a domino tower falling. The financiers do not want print and spend, they live off of lending money into the system.

After they are crushed by defaults, then we might get print and spend crazy inflation, depending on who is hanging from the lamp posts.

Expecting the big inflation to be what directly follows the big inflation was always wrong.

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Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 11:15:59

Now we are in credit contraction, still without significant print and spend.

So you don’t think of QE as “print and spend”? Funny—I do. Ok, maybe not so much the spend part, but I do think the Fed essentially printed $3T during this debacle.

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 12:05:05

I agree they “printed” Prime. I just think the credit expansion was a couple orders of magnitude bigger. I don’t know how much this matters, but it was also very focused.

Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-27 09:55:47

Fair point.

How do you estimate the size of the credit expansion?

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 04:29:39

Do white, yellow, brown and red lives matter, too, or only black lives?

Comment by phony scandals
2015-09-26 07:18:26

“Do white, yellow, brown and red lives matter, too,”


Bears either. - 198k -

‘Black Bear Lives Matter’ signs stir controversy

Some offended by black bear protest signs

Published 9:35 PM EDT Sep 18, 2015

LONGWOOD, Fla. —For more than a year, the Black Lives Matter movement has swept the nation. Thousands have spoken out, protesting the deaths of African Americans.

Controversy surrounds signs meant to protest the upcoming bear hunt, but make a pun on the movement’s name.

The signs read: “Black Bear Lives Matter.” It’s a message Viviana Hoge proudly displays. It’s a twist on “Black Lives Matter” that is meant to protest legalized bear hunting.

“I think it’s uncalled for. There’s no reason to kill them,” Hoge said.

Hoge said the message is harmless.

“It’s kind of a humorous sign against what’s going on right now. It’s something that people can smile at,” Hoge said.

But not everyone is smiling.

Lawanna Gelzer is with the National Action Network and a Black Lives Matter activist. She said the slogan is in poor taste.

“If you’re equating the lives of African Americans who are being killed by law enforcement to a bear, that is wrong, and that is not funny,” Gelzer said. - 197k -

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 16:44:00

That’s bearis’

Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 08:02:42

You are missing the point if you think black lives matter just mean black lives.

Black lives matter = Poor downtrodden lives of any color/creed/religion matter

End the police oppression. Police are nothing but the tools to protect the corrupt status-quo.

Comment by Bill, Just south of Irvine
2015-09-26 12:23:38

Calico cat lives matter.


Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2015-09-26 15:02:47

But Siamese is a coin toss….

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 04:31:28

Is Boehner’s exit good or bad for Republican election prospects in 2016?

Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 05:22:33


Comment by phony scandals
2015-09-26 06:09:59

Speaker Boehner resigns from Congress, victory for tea party

AP Congressional Correspondent

One important result: A government shutdown threatened for next week is all but sure to be averted - but only for now. A new December deadline and a potentially market-rattling fight over the government’s borrowing limit still lie ahead.

Boehner’s announcement came one day after a high point of his congressional career, a historic speech by Pope Francis to Congress at the speaker’s request.

It also came before what would have been a new low: a potential floor vote to oust him as speaker, pushed by Republican tea partyers convinced he was capitulating in a struggle over Planned Parenthood funding that threatened a government shutdown next Thursday. Such a formal challenge against a speaker has not been used in the House for over 100 years.

On Friday, an upbeat Boehner declared that he’d decided to spare the House, and himself, the chaos such a vote would bring.

“It’s become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution,” he said.

“I don’t want my members to have to go through this. I certainly don’t want the institution to go through this,” he said. Of his resignation, he said, “Frankly, I am entirely comfortable doing it” - and he broke into a brief refrain of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” to demonstrate his point.…/speaker-boehner-resigns-from-congress-victory-for-tea-party -

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-09-26 07:00:42

Now the shrieking tree monkeys are unleashed! Their amusing antics will surely sweep Trump into the White House, as God intends.

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 07:15:43

Yeah, no, if McCarthy succeeds Boehner as planned, it’ll be even worse.

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Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 07:43:46

Here’s a depressing but probably realistic view of Trump’s or any other non-mainstream politician’s chances in a presidential election:

Opinion: Trump, Fiorina, Carson will drop out of White House race soon enough

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Americans have not elected a non-politician president in modern times — with the exception of Dwight Eisenhower, who won World War II — and they’re not going to do so in 2016.

Donald Trump’s shtick is already fading and many commentators noted after his fumbling performance in the primary debate last week that he doesn’t seem to have a second act beyond his bullying and blustering.

His main contribution at the end of the day may be to discredit Carly Fiorina, a failed corporate CEO whose record in business will not survive the scrutiny her new prominence will bring.

At the same time, Trump’s unfiltered bombast is exposing the misogyny and racism better cloaked in the rhetoric of Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz while occupying their space and squeezing out their support.

Ben Carson will enjoy his 15 minutes of fame and go the way of Herman Cain, Steve Forbes and all the others whose success in their chosen field does nothing to qualify them for our nation’s top political post.

At the bottom of the list, meanwhile, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his new pair of glasses bowed out, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker… did the first sensible thing in his political career and withdrew from the race.

This will leave the path to the nomination much clearer for the three candidates who have a real claim on the White House and who could conceivably win a general election — Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich.

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Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 08:07:20

Guess how many US presidents have not been politicians.


Guess what all 3 did previously.

Commanded the US army through a victorious war.

Comment by rms
2015-09-26 09:28:09

“…a victorious war.”

Betcha the Donald likes that kind of war.

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-09-26 14:10:18

Well, I’d love to see Kasich get it, but its’ gonna be JEB!

Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 07:54:23

Monkeys? That’s so ray-cis!

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Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-09-26 15:46:31

What? You’re an evolution denier too?

Comment by scdave
2015-09-26 10:10:11

Is Boehner’s exit good or bad for Republican election prospects in 2016 ?

Just reaffirms the radical rights entrenchment in the house…I consider Boehner pretty darn conservative….As far as election, this move likely will turn a few of the candidates even further right to try and solidify this base but can they win a national election for the Presidency ?? I think probably not…

Comment by Shrimpsaladsandwich
2015-09-26 14:13:15

Specious historical comparisons based on the small set of data from the last several elections also says a Republican will take their turn this time.

Comment by phony scandals
2015-09-26 04:42:45

I can not believe that hip, liberal, modern vibe parents in Dumbo are fighting integration of their public schools with the poor black kids.

“What do you love about living in DUMBO as a parent: I love the hip, liberal, and modern vibe in Dumbo.”

Meet Stephanie Chen, creative DUMBO mom & founder of lingerie brand Sapphire Bliss

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Your job title: President Sapphire Bliss

Your work in one sentence: I design and run my own premier designer lingerie brand. Designed and produced in New York City.

Your children: Girl, nearly 7 years old

Which street do you live on: Jay street

Best thing to do with kids in DUMBO: Play at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, enjoy ice cream, throw rocks on the pebble beach

What do you love about living in DUMBO as a parent: I love the hip, liberal, and modern vibe in Dumbo. Easy access to the water front and parks. Kids-friendly. And close by the city for endless entertainment choices as well as accessible for work.

What needs improvement in DUMBO for families: More good quality restaurants. More parking spots. Less constant film making.…/ - 69k -

Comment by Combotechie
2015-09-26 05:04:42

Dumbo? What a strange name for a place to live. Go here for some other strange names:

Comment by Muggy
2015-09-26 11:11:18

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass

South of Houston

and so on…

Comment by inchbyinch
2015-09-26 05:56:32

‘What needs improvement in DUMBO for families: More good quality restaurants. More parking spots. Less constant film making.”

Gotta love this lady. Foo-Foo business, put restaurants and parking spaces on her priority list, and doesn’t like entertainment capitalism, which generates income for local business, which can create jobs.

I’m not a huge fan of filming either, but I suck up the inconvenience, because it’s good for the local economy.

Comment by CountryClubberLang
2015-09-26 06:52:32

People who choose to live in New York City deserve what they get. Same with SoCal. Wise up and live somewhere you can raise your kids.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-09-26 07:09:46

I see it as a character issue. They’re much like flies and vermin that always seek out $hit.

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Comment by CHE
2015-09-26 08:29:39

She is as bad as the rich a-holes that bought their house in the Hollywood Hills and are shocked….shocked that tourists come up to see the Hollywood sign.

Err you literally bought a house next to the marquee tourist attraction that’s been there for almost 100 years and you’re bitching about tourists who bring this town money coming to see it.

There are hundreds of other places in Southern California where you can live quietly behind a gate. Drag your whiny as over to Calabasas or STFU about the tour vans!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 09:59:49

Or the people who buy houses just blocks away from Disneyland (which were built after Disneyland was built) and then complain about how loud the nightly fireworks show is.

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 06:54:30

“good for the local economy…”

Unlike serial house flipping.

Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-09-26 15:47:31

You’re not going to get any respect if you live in a place called Dumbo.

Comment by phony scandals
2015-09-26 05:33:30

Liberal-on-liberal violence breaks out at Brooklyn Bridge Park

by David Colon
Brooklyn Heights/ DUMBO
08/04/14 11:57am

We all love Brooklyn Bridge Park, even if we had to make peace with the idea that since housing is supposed to pay for the park it means condos overlooking the nice green grass and the roller rink and the pool. Now though, a group of heroes is fighting the incursion of housing, to preserve some of its natural beauty. Sorry, we didn’t mean “heroes,” we meant faux-liberal NIMBYs who don’t want to see affordable housing go up next to their million-dollar condos at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, according to their incoherent complaints in this weekend’s New York Times. Imagine the horror, the same, the indignity of living next to a family of four who makes $138,440.

Of course, it’s not that these people don’t want to live around poor (well, “poor”) people. Just ask them! The desire for affordable housing to be in “the right way” or in “the best place,” keeps coming up, as is the insistence that the opponents are good liberals who just want things done correctly. The champion of dunderheaded opposition comes from One Brooklyn Bridge Park resident Blair Guppy, who said on a petition against the buildings that he’d never have bought his expensive new condo if he knew he’d be living near “100% subsidized housing” and then told the Times “By no means am I looking to come across as an elitist. I’m not worried about the influence on property values, but sometimes things need to be looked at.” As of press time, it’s unclear whether Blair Guppy came straight out of central casting or if he wears an ascot. - 183k -

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 07:22:02

Conservatives are more than happy to live under the same laws and taxes they want for everyone else.

Liberals/progressives expect to be exempted from the same laws and taxes they want for everyone else.

I have to admit - it is a good laugh to see a liberal get smacked in the head with his liberal causes. In a right and just world, these new apartments would be stacked full of muslim refugees and his million dollar condo would now be located in “little” Pakistan.

But he will keep voting democrat never putting 2 and 2 together…

Comment by X-GSfixr
2015-09-26 07:34:00

Do you realize how stupid this oft repeated statement of yours is?

Southern Plantation Owners had no problem with black people living under their laws, either.

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 07:41:32

Are you really bringing up DEMOCRAT plantation owners from 150 years ago to make a point?

Why not bring up the closed shop plantation owners of the UAW which pushed for obamacare and then immediately got an exemption?

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Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 07:47:44

“We have no problem living under the laws we create to favor ourselves.”

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Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 07:57:23

Conservatives are more than happy to live under the same laws and taxes they want for everyone else.

When are you moving to Afghanistan or Iraq? I wanna see you live under the laws you supported.

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 08:12:45

When are you moving to Afghanistan or Iraq? I wanna see you live under the laws you supported.

Ah yes - the old liberal “if you are a Christian than you are equal to the Taliban” argument…

And we will just ignore that ALL of Founding Fathers were Christians.

Hey - When are YOU moving to Cuba or North Korea? I wanna see you live under the laws you supported.

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Comment by WPA
2015-09-26 08:46:46

And we will just ignore that ALL of Founding Fathers were Christians.

Wrong again! Jefferson, Adams and Paine were Deists who believed in a distant God, not involved in human affairs and rejected the Bible as old man’s tales. They did not believe Jesus was the son of God.

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 08:57:03

Yes - they certainly sound like Taliban and muslims to me.

Please realize that public schools are indoctrination centers and not places of learning.


Faith of Our Fathers

Christianity and America

Last week, I heard it again: That oft-repeated urban legend that we’ve heard so often. This time, to my horror, I heard it from a well-educated pastor: “Our founding fathers were not Christians. They were deists, atheists, and agnostics.”

The pilgrims, as you will recall, were, Christians fleeing Europe in order to escape religious persecution, and they literally began their stay in their new land with the words, “In the name of God, Amen.”

The pilgrims were followed to New England by the Puritans, who created bible-based commonwealths. Those commonwealths practiced the same sort of representative government as their church covenants. Those governmental covenants and compacts numbered more than 100, and were the foundation for our Constitution.

New Haven (Connecticut) and Massachusetts were founded by Puritans who wanted to reform the Church of England, who later became known as Congregationalists. Roger Williams founded the colony of Rhode Island based on the principle of freedom of conscience. Pennsylvania was established by William Penn as a Quaker colony. Maryland was a haven for Catholics from Protestant England.

America was indeed founded by bible-believing Christians and based on Christian principles. When they founded this country, the Founding Fathers envisioned a government that would promote and encourage Christianity.

All but two of the first 108 universities founded in America were Christian. This includes the first, Harvard, where the student handbook listed this as Rule #1: “Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life, John 17:3; and therefore to lay Jesus Christ as the only foundation for our children to follow the moral principles of the Ten Commandments.”

In 1777. Continental Congress voted to spend $300,000 to purchase bibles which were to be distributed throughout the 13 colonies! And in 1782, the United States Congress declared, “The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.”

So, let us take a look at some of the lives and words of our Founding Fathers to see whether they were Christians or whether history has been revised.

“I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus. I have little doubt that our whole country will soon be rallied to the unity of our creator.”
– Thomas Jefferson

“”The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity”
– John Adams

And I could go on…

Comment by scdave
2015-09-26 10:16:11

“if you are a Christian than you are equal to the Taliban” argument… ??

Thats what the Tea Party in the House thought of Boehner….

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-09-26 18:29:18


“Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.” - Thomas Jefferson

“…legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State. Adhering to this expression of the supreme will of the nation in behalf of the rights of conscience, I shall see with sincere satisfaction the progress of those sentiments which tend to restore to man all his natural rights, convinced he has no natural right in opposition to his social duties.”
― Thomas Jefferson, Letters of Thomas Jefferson

“As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.” - Article 11, of the 1796 Treaty with Tripoli

Comment by AbsoluteBeginner
2015-09-26 06:07:28

“Dumbo” ?

“Blair Guppy” ?

Comment by phony scandals
2015-09-26 06:14:02

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge

Comment by phony scandals
2015-09-26 06:46:46

“Dumbo” ?

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge

The “O” might stand for…

Oh my God they want our kids to go to school with poor Black and Hispanic kids.

Progressive liberal hypocrisy: Fighting integration of public schools with the poor

You would figure by stated liberal ideologies that, in the epicenter of their control, New York City, which has served as ground zero for the implementation of policies aimed at dismantling politically incorrect exclusionary politics, you would find the most tolerant and ecstatically supportive communities in the country. Well this mythical zeitgeist was notably dismantled today as it has become public knowledge that a rich portion of Brooklyn wants to shutdown a city move to integrate their district public schools with the poor Blacks and Hispanics.

Residents of Dumbo, a relatively newly developed neighborhood in Brooklyn, is home to a forest of condominiums serving affluent financiers, techies and creative professionals. In all fairness,the residents of Dumbo have valid concerns, since schools with a majority of poor students in attendance tend to fare worse academically than schools with better-off students. But the hypocrisy lies in the fact the Dumbo residents, all proud, blue-card-holding progressives, would have undoubtedly jumped on the war path if this same situation had occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, or Birmingham, Alabama. Situations like this only make it shockingly clear that the liberal agenda is nothing more than hypocritical feel-good cronyism, where the founders and supports do not seek to live in the society they have helped “fundamentally transform.”…pocrisy-fighting-integration-of-public-schools-with-the-poor.html - 44k -

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-09-26 06:17:18

“If you have to borrow for 15 or 30 years, it’s not affordable nor can you afford it.”

Comment by salinasron
2015-09-26 06:32:50

Air show today in Salinas. Very little pre-practive runs over the valley. Used to be from Wednesday through Friday. Must be jet fuel has become a huge factor. When the Blue Angeles flew expense seemed not to have been a factor as the government footed the bill.

Comment by inchbyinch
2015-09-26 06:45:07

Big airshow in Point Mugu, just south of Santa Barbara today as well. It features the military. The Camarillo one, a few weeks ago, featured smaller plane acrobatics and some military. We visited with the WWII Vets and so enjoyed their stories. Truly brave souls.

The Stealth Bombers are cool looking. The Van Nuys Airshow was discontinued, but was my introduction.

Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 09:10:41

The Stealth Bombers are cool looking.

And cool _sounding_—I stood behind a B-1B on the runway apron during its takeoff many years ago at Oshkosh. Amazing feeling. Wondered briefly whether the incredibly-powerful deep bass waves rumbling through my chest might stop my heart. Thankfully, not.

Comment by Bluto
2015-09-26 12:39:26

FWIW there is a big two day air show at the Sonoma Co. airport this weekend also, am heading up there shortly to check it out

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-09-26 07:04:29

The real free stuff army.

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 07:26:21

Obama giving weapons to ISIS…

War without end.

“I am good at killing people”

Nobel peace prize winner.

The jokes could write themselves.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 07:49:50

War without end.

So you’re opposed to any US attacks on Iran?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 09:18:22

So you’re opposed to any US attacks on Iran?


Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 09:47:18

I wanted 2banana’s position, since he seems to be implying he’s somehow anti-war, while cheering all the war candidates.

Comment by Professor Bear
2015-09-26 18:26:57

2banana is anti-whatever Obama happened to do last week.

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-09-26 06:49:08

“Remember…. a ‘housing recovery’ is falling prices to dramatically lower and more affordable levels by definition.”

Comment by azdude
2015-09-26 08:03:04

depreciation is worse than paying interest to bankers.

Comment by Senior Housing Analyst
2015-09-26 06:58:58

Watsonville, CA Housing Prices Plummet 13% YoY

Comment by X-GSfixr
2015-09-26 07:06:54

I’ve previously documented some of my issues with getting a raise……basically Im told that if I don’t like it, feel free to go somewhere else.

In the meantime, the fixr has to go into work today.

The airplane is coming back frim the East Coast. They flew up to see the Pope.

Another item for the “LET THEM EAT CAKE” file…………


Comment by phony scandals
2015-09-26 07:26:48

Hey, did you go to your reunion?

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 07:37:43

You should quit your job and flip houses.

I see shows on HGTV with people making $60,000 per flip!

Easy money. Make sure you go deep in debt as this gives you more leverage…

Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 07:57:31

I was recently informed that I will be getting a 2.5% increase. Not much, but most of my peers, who I think are just as deserving of an increase as a I am, won’t be getting one at all. It just goes to show that it pays to have the bosses like you. How long that will last, I have no idea.

I even told my boss, why not just spread the tiny raise pool around evenly, even if everyone just gets one percent (or less). He told me that the official company policy forbids that; and that the pool, whatever it may be on a given year, should only go to the “high performers”.

Which leads to an interesting question. Currently, I am a “Senior Engineer” and my boss is grooming me for a promotion to “Principal Engineer”. That promotion would carry some prestige and a one time pay bump (I’m guessing 10% or so).

Now here’s the thing: it’s easier to “exceed expectations” as a Senior vs a Principal. So if I get promoted, I might not get raises anymore; since I might only be “average” or “somewhat above average” as opposed to “outstanding”. So I’m considering telling my boss to leave me as a Senior Engineer. Crazy, huh?

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 08:14:42

“So I’m considering telling my boss to leave me as a Senior Engineer. Crazy, huh?”

Yes. I’d go for the 10% in a shorter period of time, than 2.5% (if that) over 4 years. You never know what will happen.

Besides, you know you will exceed expectations no matter what.

Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 09:39:45

The 10% one-time bump is more portable, if/when something comes along that sounds more appealing…

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 09:47:55

Yes. I’d go for the 10% in a shorter period of time, than 2.5% (if that) over 4 years. You never know what will happen.

True. Last year I did get 5%. This year the raise pool was smaller, and thus so were the raises. I might get 5% again next year, unless I fall out of favor or the raise pool is tiny again.

As for the promotion, it might not happen, in fact I think it probably won’t happen. From what I have been told, it’s pretty rare, especially under the new upper management; but if it does, it probably won’t be for two more years as it has been explained to me that I need to become more “visible” to the big boys (directors and VPs).

I know, most people would be happy to have this problem.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 11:24:57

That sounds way better than the raises I’ve not gotten in the past 3.5yrs; it has been more like ~1.5%/yr, zero in some. In other words, I’m getting paid less than I was, at least on the base+bonus side; the company stock element has been better.

And yes, I’m getting bitter about it, as I know that it is predominantly due to the standard HR policy of regression-towards-the-mean in a given comp band/level, combined with having joined a company that loves to under-level people upon entry—and thus, I was over-compensated relative to the level that they arbitrarily assigned, and with a uniquely perverted promo system that makes it surprisingly hard to address.

Yep—thinking about leaving one of the “Best Companies to Work For”. Other than the bitterness, I like it relatively well. But they’re not the only fish in the sea.

Comment by drumminj
2015-09-26 17:41:42

Yep—thinking about leaving one of the “Best Companies to Work For”. Other than the bitterness, I like it relatively well. But they’re not the only fish in the sea.

Sorry to hear that, Prime. I imagine this way of managing/bringing in experienced hires is not uncommon. Regardless, if you are looking for other opportunities in the area, feel free to reach out.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 08:15:49

Possibly a good move, as long as it doesn’t piss off the boss man. Some see a refusal to be promoted as a bad sign.

Comment by jane
2015-09-26 20:26:00

MOST see refusal to be promoted as a bad sign. In fact, this past year I witnessed two instances in which co-workers declined lateral shifts to “better” job, more in line with revenue rather than naval-gazing.

Both co-workers were informed within six months that they were on the layoff list for October.

If you’re gonna be a wage slave, you gotta roll with the punches.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 09:36:46

I was recently informed that I will be getting a 2.5% increase.

Well, there’s no inflation, right, so what’s the problem?


Comment by Bill, Just south of Irvine
2015-09-26 12:11:47

I am at the age and salary where I don’t get raises anymore. Realistically, I cannot do backdoor Roth IRAs and Roth 401ks annually with full over 50 funding and afford a SFH even for rent in my OC neighborhood while saving $30,500 after taxes in retirement accounts each year.

We really don’t have titles where I work. But we have a clique of people who get the only raises. I am not one of them. They are all friends with the boss and dine out with him when he’s in town.

I knew what I was getting into beforehand. My health fired me to no longer travel frequently for work, so I downsized. But had enough savings to absorb.

My linked in profile I wrote myself modestly says “software engineer” - humble, but fine enough. I have a lot of opportunity to do well on my own, but my health is my top priority. it has been all during my career. Being able to take several flights of stairs without getting winded at 56 is quite an accomplishment, IMO.

Comment by Bill, Just south of Irvine
2015-09-26 12:14:13

“Health fired me” - “health forced me”

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 09:35:23

The airplane is coming back frim the East Coast. They flew up to see the Pope.

Another item for the “LET THEM EAT CAKE” file…………

OMG, that is _priceless_, fixr! Thanks so much for sharing!

“Yeah, I’m flying up in my private jet to see the Pope this week—yeah, that Pope… yeah, I hear he’s going to be talking about the problems of wealth disparity. Wait, what are you laughing at?? What’s so funny??!?”


Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 07:13:53

So why isn’t every person on this board for Trump?

Oh look - I don’t totally agree with his position on gays or abortion. So I can’t support him.


Trump threatens to ‘break’ trade pact with Mexico, Canada
The Hill | 09/26/2015 | Meghashyam Mali

Donald Trump is calling the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) a “disaster” and vowing to renegotiate or break the deal if elected president.

“It’s a disaster,” Trump told CBS’s Scott Pelley in an interview airing Sunday on “60 Minutes.” “We will either renegotiate it or we will break it because you know every agreement has an end.  “Every agreement has to be fair. Every agreement has a defraud claim. We’re being defrauded by all these countries,” Trump continued.

Pressed on whether he supports free trade, Trump responded, “We need fair trade, not free trade. We need fair trade it’s got to be fair.”

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 08:08:58

“We need fair trade, not free trade. We need fair trade it’s got to be fair.”

Amen, brothah! I wish I could find the link, but a couple of weeks ago I read that Bush the Second gave assurances to Mexico that the US would pretty much look the other way and not enforce the law as illegals crossed the border and worked in the US, to get Mexico’s agreement on NAFTA. Apparently some in the Mexican government realized their poorer citizens would get screwed and could cause much social unrest.

Anyway, what we’ve gotten as a result of NAFTA and CAFTA is loss of jobs, in addition to millions of blood sucking immigrants, both legal and illegal and an increase in poverty and crime. And our own social unrest, not to mention all the anchor babies that will grow up without gigs to support them.

Yeah, great deal.

Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 09:49:54


Comment by WPA
2015-09-26 08:26:54

Why hasn’t everyone on this board figured out Trump is a trojan horse candidate, a backroom backslapper who will increase corporate influence and corruption in Washington instead of decreasing it? He’s a climate denier, which flashes a signal to Big Oil that he will be their b-tch.

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 08:43:50

Like I said - to liberals the god of global warming, abortion and gays “trumps” all.

Comment by WPA
2015-09-26 08:50:39

On the other hand, I do give Trump credit for pledging to not cut Social Security or Medicare. And he’s said he is open to raising taxes on the rich. On those two positions he’s better than any other GOP candidate.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 09:51:18

He can only do that with a Dem controlled Congress. There’s no way a GOP congress will raise taxes on the rich.

Comment by WPA
2015-09-26 10:17:06

They did in 2013, allowing the upper rate to go up from 35% to 39.6% as part of the “fiscal cliff” compromise. 85 GOP house members voted for the fiscal cliff deal.

Comment by In Colorado
2015-09-26 11:16:54

True, but I suspect that the GOP won’t do that again.

Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 09:43:08

Trump is a trojan horse candidate, a backroom backslapper who will increase corporate influence and corruption in Washington instead of decreasing it

Huh, strange: when I was reading that I had a sudden sense of deja-vu, and then the thought “was he talking about Trump, or O?”

Perhaps the right has learned something from the left.

Hope and change, baby…

Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 09:45:38

Oh, and my personal favorite:

The most transparent administration ever!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by WPA
2015-09-26 10:18:54

Fair ’nuff. You won’t hear me defend Obama’s cozying up to the Big Banks and not prosecuting them.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 07:15:40

Long term run democrat cites which are BANKRUPT want more and more muslim refugees.


Follow the money and the vote buying.

And if you own a house in these cities - SELL NOW.


Mayors Of Eighteen U.S. Cities Tell Obama They Are Ready To Take More Syrian Refugees
The Daily Caller | 09/24/15 | Kerry Picket

Mayors from eighteen U.S. cities signed a letter to President Obama saying they are willing to take even more refugees than what has been proposed by the administration.

“We will welcome the Syrian families to make homes and new lives in our cities,” wrote the mayors, all of whom are part of the Cities United for Immigration Action coalition.

“Indeed, we are writing to say that we stand ready to work with your Administration to do much more and to urge you to increase still further the number of Syrian refugees the United States will accept for resettlement.”

“This is a challenge we can meet, and the undersigned mayors stand ready to help you meet it,” they wrote.

The mayors who signed included New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 07:39:39

Let the freedom ring….

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 07:29:56

The Middle-Class Squeeze
The Wall Street Journal | 26 Sept 2015 | Charles Moore

In Britain and the U.S., we are learning all over again that it is not the natural condition of the human race for children to be better off than their parents. Such a regression, in societies that assume constant progress, is striking. Imagine the panic if the same thing happened to life expectancy.

When things go backward in nations accustomed to middle-class stability, people start to ask questions. What is the use of capitalism if its rewards go to the few and its risks are dumped on the many? The rights of property do not seem so enticing if the value of what you own collapses or if that property is trapped by debt. What is so great about globalization if it means that the products and services you offer are undercut by foreign competition and that millions of new people can come to your country, take your jobs and enjoy your welfare benefits?

So instead of feeling that it is a privilege to be an ordinary citizen of a free country, many of us start to feel a bit like suckers. Hope—the inseparable companion of progress—fades and is replaced by disappointment, even bitterness. It has always been understood that opportunity carries some price of insecurity, but what happens if insecurity rises and opportunity contracts?

Comment by Mr. Banker
2015-09-26 07:51:44

“So instead of feeling that it is a privilege to be an ordinary citizen of a free country, many of us start to feel a bit like suckers.”

Yeah? Well it took you long enough.

“Hope—the inseparable companion of progress—fades and is replaced by disappointment, even bitterness.”

Nah, what hope does is spring eternal. It may go into hibernation now and then but it will always spring back when the right (and probably empty) promises are made to the thoroughly dumbed-down ignorant proletariat masses by the right people - meaning by the pre-selected anointed ones chosen by the PTB.

God’s plan.

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 08:47:04

“So instead of feeling that it is a privilege to be an ordinary citizen of a free country, many of us start to feel a bit like suckers.”

A BIT like suckers? Lol, that’s the understatement of the year, lmao!
It’s been a race to the bottom since the 1990s. In fact I don’t give a rat’s patootie anymore. I look around at all the multi-hued meat puppets jiggling around in their tight, sleazy clothing and sneer to myself half the time. Any beady-eyed grifter from anywhere on the planet can get into the US, get a leg over and become a member of the FSA in a heartbeat. The politicians are depraved POSes. Businesses are fraudulent enterprises. Harr worr, worr harr! Kiss my beezer. You’re spammed from dawn to dusk. Cheap crap from China everywhere. Social justice warrior blatting their feeble brains out. Laws are a joke. Schools are full of heroin for the kids. Perversion is legal. Music and entertainment suck out loud. Health care is the drizzling squirts.

I don’t even know why anyone would go into the armed forces. What’s to defend?

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 09:03:54

What’s to defend?

The right for a mother to kill her child up to one second before birth for any reason and to sell the baby’s body parts for profit. It is what we fought the American Revolution and what the atheist Founding Fathers enshrined in the US Constitution.

Not to mention the Constitutional right for five unelected supreme court justices to just make up laws.

And for the president to just ignore laws he doesn’t like. And to use the power of the Federal Government to go after political opponents without consequences.

These are VALUES worth dying for…

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 09:23:08

Yeah, that’s sort of my point. But we’re not a nation of laws, we’re a nation of perverted immigrants!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 09:50:52

These are VALUES worth dying for…

LOL…we are pro life but have no problem killing any man, child or woman if they happen to be browns and moosleems.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by AmazingRuss
2015-09-26 14:15:47

It’s ok to kill sinners, and everybody is a sinner one second after they exit the womb.

Comment by azdude
2015-09-26 08:13:22

“The FHA has been directed by their politician benefactors to pump up the housing market at any cost. You can get an FHA loan with a credit score as low as 500, so long as you have a 10% down payment. And once you hit a 580 credit score, you only need a 3.5% down payment. The FHA is exempt from the qualified mortgage requirement of a 43% debt-to-income ratio. Many loans have a debt-to-income above 55%. The FHA only looks at mortgage payments in their calculation. The FHA is willing to accept a gift or inheritance as a down payment. You could have no savings, a 500 FICO, a 50% debt-to-income and an inheritance and that would be sufficient to get you a loan.”

Looks like the same old bs doesnt it?

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 08:45:38

obama housning bubble v2.0.

hope and change.

Not one banker in jail.

hope and change.

the most transparent administration in history.

hope and change

not even a smidgen of corruption.


Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 08:50:29

And remember - all cultures are equal. Diversity is our strength.

And obama is going to import a few million of these folks by the time he leaves office - because they will vote democrat for generations…

Hopefully they will all occupy low income housing next to liberals in their million dollar condos.


Afghan Child Abuse Is Being Ignored By the Army
Coach is Right | September 26, 2015 | Jim Emerson, staff writer

This week the New York Times reported that “rampant sexual abuse of children has long been a problem in Afghanistan”. On post, Afghani police officers would sexually abuse boys at night under the protection of American forces. “American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene — in some cases, not even when their Afghan allies have abused boys on military bases, according to interviews and court records.” The unwritten policy for the troops is to neither report nor intervene. Deny all they want it’s there and American troops have no right to stop it.

It is very likely that American Military forces in theater were instructed to not interfere by the State Department. The policy of demanding Americans ignore pedophiles abusing children in the Middle East is a point of contention and one which is denied by Pentagon yes men. Yet troops that dared to take action against pedophiles, Captain Dan Quinn and SFC Charles Martland, had their careers ruined for doing the right thing. Army Values have been flushed down the toilet by Obama Regime policy.

This is nothing new. Gregory Buckley Sr. remembers his son, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr, told him he could hear Afghan Officers sexually abusing boys brought onto the base for just that purpose. When asked if his son told his superiors about this grotesque behavior, Buckley Sr. said his son was told “to look the other way because it’s their culture.” Lance Cpl. Buckley was killed later on the base in 2012. No action was taken to weed out pedophiles on any base in theatre. Afghan men were recruited and organized into security forces to fight the Taliban. In fact, they were trained and armed, a policy which made them even more dangerous to local children.

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 09:27:40

Amazing, isn’t it? Just f’n amazing.

Well, that’s ball game. Any country that goes down this path (meaning the US) is doomed. Once the victimization of children (who are the future) is sanctioned for any reason, it’s over.

You don’t even have to go as far as Afghanistan to notice this sort of thing. Dennis Hastert, anyone? A teacher. The NEA is notorious for looking the other way.

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 09:47:14

In any sane society, the likes of Dennis Hastert would be hanging from a post with his genitals stuffed in his mouth. Creep.

Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 10:41:01

In america, we make them speaker of the house.

Let’s not forget the Catholic church. I bet the “fathers” make these mullahs look like amateurs.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 10:54:18

Wow. You have an interesting take on a sane society.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 11:29:43

It sounds like his society would protect the vulnerable in the sense that repeat-offending would be unlikely.

How does our society do on the “prevents re-offending” metric?

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 11:59:58

I believe brutal public judicial and extra-judicial punishment and child diddling both have a long history of cohabitating quite well in many (most?) cultures. One could argue they go hand in hand.

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 12:43:12

“One could argue they go hand in hand.”

You’re the only “one” who could. Sick.

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 13:55:08

The father walked in while his 11 year old son was being raped by a perv. He beat the peewadden out of the guy and the police didn’t press charges. They felt he did the right thing.

What should he have done? Offered the guy tea and cookies? Or a beer and a chat?

Extra-judicial. Bwahahahahaha. The courts pretty much exists to protect criminals these days, and some of the police know it. Judges make their decisions not based on law, but how they “feeeel” and then find law to stretch to back up their decisions. They override the will of the people at every turn, favoring criminals both corporate and petty. What a joke it has become.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 14:15:21

Well, it’s nice to know some evidence is presented before we mutilate someone and hang their corpse for public display. BTW- will the kids you want to protect not be disturbed by seeing a body hanging from a lamppost with its genitals cut off and stuck in its mouth?

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 17:35:10

Palmy, Oddie/wpa is just a troll. You waste your energy thinking about the sick things he/she posts.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 17:49:44

t the sick things he/she posts.

That sick thing was a direct quote from your friend palmy.

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 20:45:17

You are just baiting him. That doesn’t do anything constructive.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 21:08:56

If repeating his own words is baiting him, then he has a problem.

Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 09:34:55

Obama the man child. What do you expect?

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 09:45:23

Anyone see the great movie “The Man Who Would Be King”, with Sean Connery and Michael Kane? For those not familiar, you can watch it for free on youtube, I think.

Anyway, they found themselves in a region that in the late 1800s was known as Kafiristan, today as Afghanistan. Great scene in the movie where Connery and Caine are in their quarters in the Afghani village at night and they can hear the cries and moans of children coming from another building not far away. Here’s the conversation between Connery and Caine from that scene:

1:47:29 God’s holy trousers!

01:47:35 What is that?

01:47:42 They’re savages here, one and all.

01:47:45 Leave them to slaughtering babies, playing stick-and-ball with heads…

01:47:49 …and pissing on their neighbours.

And that is Afghanistan. Hasn’t changed much, has it?

Comment by MightyMike
2015-09-26 10:14:59

And remember - all cultures are equal.

So some Afghans did some truly horrific, immoral things and some Americans sat on their hands and let them get away with it. I can’t see how that situation could be used to make an argument that one of those cultures is better then the other.

Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 10:45:45

“So some Afghans did some truly horrific, immoral things and some Americans sat on their hands and let them get away with it.”

No, no, no, some Americans DIDN’T let them get away with it. And then those who CLAIM to be Americans in the DOD punished them for it.

I am not part of the “claim to be culture”. You however, might be.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 10:58:45

Going after the locals for diddling their kids would be a whole ‘nuther war for us to fight. And it might take us to a lot more countries than Afghanistan.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 12:41:12

So wait, let me get this straight. An American solider objects to a local “ally” raping kids (on the base no less) and does something about it and gets punished by the DOD. And this is OK with you? Pretty sick mo-fo if you think he should just have averted his eyes and said nothing.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 14:18:17

The claim is that such abuse is quite common in Afghan society. Should we root it out everywhere or just near our bases, or just where we patrol, or what?

Comment by MightyMike
2015-09-26 12:20:44

So the DOD has foreigners working in high ranking positions now. I hadn’t heard about that.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MightyMike
2015-09-26 12:25:30

So now there are three cultures in this story, American, Afghan and “claim to be culture”, whatever that is.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by palmetto
2015-09-26 12:44:27

You know what I meant.

1:47:29 God’s holy trousers!

01:47:35 What is that?

01:47:42 They’re savages here, one and all.

01:47:45 Leave them to slaughtering babies, playing stick-and-ball with heads…

01:47:49 …and pissing on their neighbours.

Comment by 2banana
2015-09-26 11:04:52

Islam is based on the life and times of mohammed

Mohammed liked to bugger little boys and girls, take sex slaves and wipe out others in genocide among other fun things.

Good muslims want to be just like mo.

Afghanistan is almost 100% islamic as it does not tolerate any other religion.

All cultures are equal.

Diversity is our strength.

Import those who will vote democrat for generations.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 12:07:22

Did you ever decide if we should attack Iran or not?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Prime_Is_Contained
2015-09-26 11:01:55

If this is/was really US Army policy, there should be a court martial that investigates and roots it out; obviously it would have had to have been a policy decision made at a relatively high level. How high? Wouldn’t we like to know? But I’d betcha that looking the other way on something like that violated US laws.

Comment by rms
2015-09-26 12:26:58

The issue here is Jesus returning and Israel’s safety; the Pope will likely duck the question too. OTOH, if we could just get someone to upload a clip to Youtube… showing is better than telling.

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-09-26 11:26:40

In Japan there is no interest in entrepreneurship, no interest in creativity, no interest in sex, no interest in forming families. Abe wishes to turn it around. That will happen when you can put lipstick on a pig I suppose.

I told my Japanese-American friend (second or third generation American) that white Americans have little interest in forming families. Maybe sex, yeah, but for men there is no reward for becoming a father. The colleagues who do have children are first generation Asian Americans, mostly from Vietnam. They don’t understand the older white singles they work with, why they never married.

They tend to keep with their own kind and not have white friends who have gone through divorce or had parents go through divorce. They shelter themselves from what the law is about and end up the way boomers ended up. Their kids will learn fast. Second generation Asian americans, the children of my former colleagues, will be far less likely to marry.

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-09-26 12:53:42

That will cure the decline in procreation: A handsome tax! Ha ha!

Comment by joe smith
2015-09-26 13:57:39

^^ this is true for the white middle class and below. Not true for the most educated and affluent whites. White people are not all the same. Whites who work for a living have been gutted.

But look at marriage and divorce statistics and it will show that well-off whites marry, having kids, and have fairly low divorce rates.

Go to a reunion of a top college or grad school. There are essentially zero single people and I say this as a 32 yr old. The other thing you’ll see is that people tended to marry people within the same level. The other place you see this is charity events that are invite-only. Now that we’re having a kid next Spring, it’s like I’m back in the mainstream when at these events. There are essentially no single ppl or childless couples at these things. It would be considered weird — people would be sad for a female or assume that a single male was autistic or something.

Values are transmitted in communities and subgroups, not by race.

Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 15:37:38

What percentage of educated whites don’t work for a living?

Comment by rms
2015-09-26 17:21:57

“There are essentially no single ppl or childless couples at these things. It would be considered weird — people would be sad for a female or assume that a single male was autistic or something.”

With oil prices down and jittery markets it might not be a good time to have a child.

Comment by The Order Of The Golden Chainsaw
2015-09-26 17:29:44

s autistic or something.

And I bet the charity event was to raise money for the “cure of autism.” I mean these little pretentious f**** with their very narrow world view…sad to say I know these types.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by frankie
2015-09-26 11:31:08

The number of individuals forced to flatshare well into their 40s has risen dramatically, with figures showing a surge in middle-aged renters priced out of the property market and with little choice but to live with strangers.

Between 2009 and 2014, the number of flatsharers aged between 35 and 44 rose by 186%, according to Spareroom, the UK’s biggest flatshare website, while the number of sharers aged 45 to 54 went up by 300%.

Most are locked out of buying by soaring house prices, but also find that renting their own property is unaffordable. Average rents across Britain have gone up by 10.5% over the past year, far ahead of the rise in earnings, with the typical London rent now £1,558 a month, and close to £1,000 across much of the south of England. Tenants are typically handing over 50% of their salaries to landlords, rising to 72% in the capital.

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2015-09-26 11:52:34

It is common to do this in America for people in their 20s and early 30s but our culture is more individualistic than European culture and we tend to like privacy.

I would be worried about keeping cash and “scary looking firearms” around while having a roomie.

My last roomie (in the 1990s) often carelessly left the front door unlocked of our place. I had enough.

Comment by frankie
2015-09-26 12:01:25

Needs must when the devil drives.

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 12:11:37

Tenants are typically handing over 50% of their salaries to landlords, rising to 72% in the capital.

Wow. Can that be true? How do you survive if you hand 72% of your salary to your landlord? That must be post-tax income to be true.

Comment by frankie
2015-09-26 12:18:10

It will be, but still unsustainable, you might manage it when your in full time work and everything is going well, but one stumble and the doorway of a shop beckons.

Comment by Combotechie
2015-09-26 13:46:18

“How do you survive if you hand 72% of your salary to your landlord?”

Uh, by earning a large salary?

Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 14:22:32

It would still have to be a post-tax number. Seventy-two percent pre-tax in England and you wouldn’t have anything left over.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Oddfellow
2015-09-26 14:27:27

Uh, did you ever find out if there’s a female version of maestro? *snort*

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by reedalberger
2015-09-26 11:52:48

Metal Saturday. I really like this band, some of their more popular songs have over a million views. These two songs are very under rated, extremely aggressive and just plain metal. A woman vocalist and a band that just kicks ass, will be seeing them live in Tempe, AZ in December. Peace.




Comment by joe smith
2015-09-26 13:09:15

Haven’t been around in a while, just wanted to check if AQDan has resurfaced to eat crow after the last few months?

Or was this all part of China’s big plan?

My own take is that no country in the world is exempt from the big phenomena running through the markets. Your economy simply can not be based on cheap labor for consumer goods. Nor can it be based on the financial sector and low interest rates. Nor can it be based on raw materials. Legal structures and agreements are worth more than actual products these days, and that is precisely the way it should be. Innovating and distributing is more valuable than merely producing a widget or coding some software. The former is the “value add” that makes the whole system work, the latter is just a job.

The U.S. has its problems but it’s still where you want to run your operations. It’s where you want your cases to go to trial or mediation, it’s where you want to do your deals and file your financial statements. Even if you think you can offshore that–investors will not go for it. It may work for hedge funds and PE, but not for publicly traded companies or even most privately held companies.

Comment by LiberaceLOL
2015-09-26 17:33:48


Comment by phony scandals
2015-09-26 13:19:23

Mighty and Co. You guys are giving us a bad name.

Stuff White People Like

This blog is devoted to stuff that white people like

May 21, 2008 by clander

It is a fact that white people will never turn down an opportunity to enlighten other people on the correct way to think. While this is very easy to do through email or face to face conversation, it is exceptionally difficult to do while driving a car. Fortunately for white people there is a solution that is both popular and ineffective: bumper stickers.

Before talking about the types of bumper stickers that white people like, it’s very important to get an understanding about layout and placement. When a white person drives an older car (6+ years old) that has a resale value under $2000, they will coat the entire backside of the car in bumper stickers. Because of the abundance of space they are free to include stickers from all areas of white support: music, politics, the environment, insults to right wing politicians, and various movements that tell people to keep a city “weird.”

But when white people have a nice new car such as a Prius or an Audi station wagon, the fear of losing resale value prevents them from applying more than one sticker. Therefore that one sticker must properly capture the essence of the car and the political views of the driver.

The safest and most accepted choice for a sticker is always one that supports a Democratic Presidential candidate (Ralph Nader is an acceptable substitute). As of February 2008, white law requires an Obama 08 bumper sticker to be placed on the back of every Prius. Though these stickers reach peak effectiveness during an election year, it is acceptable to leave this sticker on the car until the next election regardless of whether or not the candidate actually won. If it’s a disputed election like in 2000, the sticker can be left on for the life of the car.

If a white person does not feel like supporting a candidate, they will likely select a bumper sticker that tells other people what to do. Some popular ones include telling people to Coexist and to stop eating meat.

Though there is no conclusive evidence about the effectiveness of these stickers, white people show no signs of abandoning the campaign. In fact, there is a popular tale in white mythology that tells of an unenlightened man driving on the freeway who saw a bumper sticker on the back of a Subaru station wagon that said “Go Veg.” The sticker was so moving that he threw the hamburger he was eating right out the window and became a vegetarian on the spot. Two days later, he affixed the same bumper sticker to their car and the process began anew until enough people had changed their views to form what we now know as the city of Portland, Oregon.

The only other acceptable sticker option for white people is the white oval country tag sticker used commonly in Europe to help identify cars that cross international borders. Though they actually serve a function in Europe, white people use the stickers to show people where they like to take vacations. If you know a white person with one of these stickers, it’s always a good idea to ask them about where they got the sticker. Your question will justify the presence of the sticker and make the white person feel great.

If you have decided that you want to improve your status with white people by applying a bumper sticker to your car do not make the assumption that you can just use anything! Stickers that support right wing politics, guns, patriotism, war, or hunting are all unacceptable. It is also unacceptable to use a sticker with a clever slogan that does not support a left wing political cause. Any of these stickers will likely end any chance you had of befriending a white person.

Note: attaching a yellow magnetic ribbon to the back of your car will result in being shunned from some of the stricter white communities and should avoided at all costs. - 916k -

Comment by Combotechie
2015-09-26 13:43:59

Ski racks too! If you like to snow ski then you should leave your ski rack mounted on your car year round so others - strangers - will know that you are a skier.

And if you like to mud race your car then you should leave our car covered with mud for weeks after your last race. Numbers too; If numbers were written or pasted on the side of your car before the race then you should also leave them on your car for … oh, perhaps a few months, maybe six.

Comment by Combotechie
2015-09-26 13:31:12

A couple robs a bank and then they post pictures of themselves with the money of facebook:

Comment by phony scandals
2015-09-26 13:49:11

It ain’t just Dumbo

The Harsh Truth About Progressive Cities

National anti-racist educator Tim Wise dissects what we can no longer conceal

By David Dahmer -
Sep 3, 2015

Madison, Minneapolis, Austin, Portland, San Francisco.

These are America’s most progressive, forward-thinking, open-minded, and social-justice-focused cities. They also have the worst racial disparities in the nation and some of the worst racial segregation.

It just doesn’t make sense on paper. It’s not supposed to be this way. But the statistics don’t lie. Rampant black and brown poverty within blocks of white affluence. Eye-popping racial disparity numbers in employment, education, health, housing, and more. Black and brown people of all socioeconomic backgrounds feeling uncomfortable and unwanted in progressive cities that are often segregated as bad as Jim Crow Deep South. In the end, there is very little “Coexisting” in the land of “Coexist” bumper stickers.

Tim Wise, one of the nation’s most prominent anti-racist essayists, educators, activists, and pioneers, tells Madison365 about a conversation over coffee he had with an African American friend in the San Francisco Bay Area who explained in very stark detail why San Francisco was the most racist place he had ever lived in. “This man was in his 50s and had lived in Birmingham, Alabama. He’d lived in Dallas. He’d lived in St. Louis. He said that San Francisco to him was the most racist place he had ever lived,” Wise recalls. “As we teased that out, of course, he was talking about what Ralph Ellison talked about in ‘Invisible Man’ … that feeling of being invisible and of people looking right through you and not really being seen. In some ways, to have that happen in a place like San Francisco has to be more weighty … to have a reputation of being X, but you’re really Y.

“At least if you’re in Birmingham, you know you ain’t X and you know how to protect yourself and prepare yourself,” Wise adds. “This guy was like, ‘It’s amazing living in San Francisco all the crap I experienced that these white liberals just didn’t see at all.’ He ended up moving back to the South, too, because it was so much easier to deal with the overt racism than the covert, colorblind racism that you deal with in liberal cities.”

Wise, whom scholar and philosopher Cornel West calls “a vanilla brother in the tradition of (abolitionist) John Brown,” says progressive cities need to take a deep look at themselves on issues of race. It’s a populace that is so preocupied with pointing out and condemning racism in more conservative parts of the country, he says, that they completely ignore what is happening in their own progressive backyards. For example:

◆ Austin is top-10 in the most segregated cities in the United States … described as “a rich Texas town that holds on to its whiteness for dear life.” Austin is the only fast-growing United States city losing African Americans.

◆ In comparison to their white counterparts, black adults in San Francisco are much more likely to be arrested, booked into county jail and convicted, according to a racial and ethnic disparities report

◆ Portland shows a persistent disparity between how often whites and blacks are stopped and searched.

◆ Minneapolis has seen the formation of the some of the nation’s widest racial disparities,and the nation’s worst segregation in a predominantly white area

◆ Closer to home in Madison, African Americans in Dane County are 5.5 times more likely to be unemployed than their white neighbors. African American families are 6 times more likely to be poor with children 13 times more likely to live in poverty than their white classmates. This disparity in child poverty was the largest among any jurisdiction in the United States. Nearly three-quarters of black children in 2011 were poor compared to 5.5% of white children. This is just the tip of the iceberg, to read more about Madison racial disparities click here.

“Part of it is if a community is so embedded with a school and the school is so committed to putting forth a particular image that doesn’t comport with the lived experience of the people who come here or the people in the community that are left out of that experience, then it’s not all shocking that people will leave, transfer schools, go to a different city, or just never come there in the first place,” he adds.

So, it’s not enough to Photoshop a black guy into a football game and reproduce it on the university literature?

“Yeah, that didn’t help. I do make jokes about that in speeches sometimes,” Wise laughs about the 2000 incident in which University of Wisconsin officials added the face of a black student, Diallo Shabazz, to a file photo for the cover of the school’s 2000 application booklet. “They found a guy that hadn’t even been on the campus for two years and inserted him into a football stands where he was clearly not sitting. It’s like, ‘We really love this picture from the Badger game but, damn, there’s no black people. Let’s get some Clipart!’ If that’s your go-to move, then that’s a problem. And I haven’t really seen too much from them to address that problem in a substantive way since then.”…/03/what-no-one-wants-to-talk-about-race-and-progressive-cities/ - 175k -

Comment by Muggy
2015-09-26 16:55:13

“a vanilla brother in the tradition of John Brown”

I’m going to add this to my business card.

Comment by azdude
2015-09-26 16:11:38

How long will it take kmart and sears to eat through the 2.7 billion they for from selling real estate? Will there be any equity left for common shareholders after they go bankrupt?

A few bonuses will show up I’m sure.

Comment by Blue Skye
2015-09-26 17:25:05

Do shareholders actually have “equity”?

Comment by Mafia Blocks
2015-09-26 20:37:29


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