March 16, 2016

Bits Bucket for March 16, 2016

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Comment by Raymond K Hessel
Comment by oxide
2016-03-16 05:52:54

Thank you for posting that Volvo split commercial yesterday. I’m still reeling over it. 82 million views; how did I miss it??

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 06:10:40

You’re welcome, oxy. In fact I only just saw it recently myself, because ZH had a story on Van Damme being interviewed on French TV, where he called out the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds as global finance forces that have messed with countries since the 1800s. They had the link to the commercial in the story.

Comment by Overbanked
2016-03-16 06:56:51

Time Cop is consumed with envy.

He probably won’t be high-fiving this dude:

Robert H. Richards IV is a convicted child molester and great-grandson of chemical magnate Irénée du Pont and heir to the du Pont family fortune.

In 2009, he entered a guilty plea and was convicted of raping his 3-year-old daughter, after the girl reported the abuse to her grandmother. Instead of serving out his eight-year prison sentence, the sentencing order signed by Delaware Superior Court Judge Jan R. Jurden said that the “defendant will not fare well” in prison and thus the eight-year sentence was suspended. Delaware Public Defender Brendan J. O’Neill expressed surprise that Jurden would use such a rationale to avoid sending Richards to prison.

In 2010, allegations were made that Richards had also molested his son beginning in December 2005 and continuing for two years. Police and prosecutors investigated but did not find sufficient evidence to pursue charges. Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden later defended the sentencing of Richards to probation. Although Richards was ordered by Jurden to go through in-patient treatment at a Massachusetts facility, he has failed to do so.

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 07:24:00

You would not believe the culture of omerta that surrounds the so-called upper class. Nor would you believe some of the things they do. The above is a pretty good example, though.

The sad thing is, Richards was probably acting out some of the same things that were done to him, and so on down the line.

And these are the same types of people who act ever-so-polite and refined on the surface and react with feigned “horror” at “vulgarity”.

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Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 07:51:36

Well, well, well, what have we here?

“The hush-money case against former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has always had an air of mystery, but in federal court on Tuesday, things got downright secretive.”

You don’t say?

“The judge’s clerk asked who the reporters were, then stepped out for a few minutes after she was told they were with the news media. When she reappeared, she told the lawyers that the judge “would like to see you all in his chambers.” They never came back to court.”

“The former speaker’s recent health problems are expected to become a key part of his attorneys’ efforts to spare him prison. His plea agreement with prosecutors recommends a sentence ranging from probation to up to six months behind bars — the lowest possible sentence under federal guidelines for anyone convicted of a felony.”

And there you have it, folks.

Think about THAT the next time you hear the likes of Paul Ryan and other bluenoses bemoaning the state of political discourse. Yeah. Think about it.

Comment by Oddfellow
2016-03-16 09:01:58

Laws are like a spider’s web, the small and weak are caught, the powerful burst right through.

Comment by sleepless_near_seattle
2016-03-16 15:29:24

Missed that one yesterday. Zoinks!

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 05:57:44

Hollywood hypocrites tell us to house refugees, while they don’t take in a single one.

Comment by oxide
2016-03-16 07:40:49

To be fair, Jolie has adopted three kids from Africa/Asia. And then added three kids of her own to the world.

I like the solar panels on Clooney’s 9-bed manse in England, as if that’s going to help. But at least to be fair, they are preserving an old existing house. The modernists and the LEED folks don’t want to admit that the most environmentally friendly house is the one that’s already built.

Comment by The Central Scrutinizer
2016-03-16 10:06:35

Did you expect her to adopt thousands? Three kids is a pretty heavy load.

Comment by Oddfellow
2016-03-16 10:13:45

I guess they could offer a few of their houses to the refugees. Or would the neighbors complain?

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Comment by The Central Scrutinizer
2016-03-16 11:20:25

The neighbors probably already lock their cars when they see the ones she already has.

Comment by Rental Watch
2016-03-16 13:33:43

The load is lightened with every extra million you have in the bank.

I’m not saying rich people are not involved in their kids lives, but the demands of keeping up a household (cooking, cleaning, maintenance, etc.) is much less if you can hire lots of help.

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Comment by Tarara Boomdea
2016-03-16 13:38:59

I had a cleaning lady for a while. I spent three hours cleaning the place up before she got there because I didn’t want her to think I was a slob. She told me one time she let herself into my apartment on the wrong day and she thought I got robbed.

Comment by Rental Watch
2016-03-16 15:39:22

Then you’re not doing it right. The housekeeper is there every day so you never have clutter in the first place.

“Leaning In” is a hell of a lot easier if you have an army if servants.

Comment by Tarara Boomdea
2016-03-16 18:55:24

Then you’re not doing it right.

I was only (half) joking. It was a once a week deal. Sheesh.

Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 12:21:18

refugees are smelly, NIMBY!!!

Comment by taxpayers
2016-03-16 12:31:26

the Donald is leaving a small gate in the wall in socal

Comment by Combotechie
2016-03-16 06:05:41

Something to think about …

From Wikipedia: GDP

“Gross domestic product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the value of all final goods and services produced in a period (quarterly or yearly).”

A monetary measure = a measure that uses price to measure value.

(So what?)

An example: If an oil well produces twenty barrels of oil a day and sells this oil for $100 dollars a barrel then the well produces $2,000 of income per day and thus its contribution to GDP is $2,000 per day.

If the oil well ups its production to thirty barrels a day but sells this oil at $50 a barrel instead of $100 then its income drops to $1,500 dollars a day, which means it contribution to GDP drops down to $1,500 a day even though it production of oil went up by fifty percent.

(And the point is?)

Because the computation of GDP uses price as a measure of production rather than some other form of measurement the computation of GDP can be moved up and down just by moving prices up and down.


I do not think that GDP is necessarily a good measure of what is really going on in the real world. I could also point out the effect that imputed rent has on the computation of GDP but I did that yesterday.


Comment by oxide
2016-03-16 07:55:20

I was thinking about that myself. You live in a house which would rent for $2200 per month. What if you downsized to a condo which would rent for $700/month in a low cost area? You don’t feel any difference because you still live there PI-free, but your “income” just dropped by 2/3. This implies that this is phantom income. At the same time, the $2200 that you don’t spend on PI, you *could* spend on a car or a vacation. That’s real money. So is this phantom income or not?

The reason for denominating stuff in dollars is obvious — you can manipulate dollars, which means you can borrow in dollars. Imagine if your bartering medium was denominated in something relatively constant, like Corolloa-gas-miles, or minutes of ditchdigging. The world would fall apart.

Comment by taxpayers
2016-03-16 08:46:32

Add gov spending as part of GDP
Makes Cuba top of the heap

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 08:47:51

Well Donk….. that would suggest housing prices are massively inflated irrespective of location.

Comment by Oddfellow
2016-03-16 09:30:07

So is this phantom income or not?

Why does GDP include imputations?

[The] imputation is made so that the treatment of owner-occupied housing in the GDP is comparable to that of tenant-occupied housing, which is valued by rent paid. That practice keeps GDP invariant as to whether a house is owner-occupied or rented. In the GDP, the purchase of a new house is treated as an investment; the ownership of the home is treated as a productive activity; and a service is assumed to flow from the house to the occupant over the economic life of the house. For the homeowner, the value of that service is measured as the income the homeowner could have received if the house had been rented to a tenant.

- See more at:

Comment by mathguy
2016-03-16 18:32:35

Actually oxide, for thousands of years, commodities were used to measure output of a nation. Bushels of wheat, gallons of ale, tons of steel; all were used to gauge the health of an economy. A common form of easily divisible commodity with relatively stable labor inputs for its production, was commonly used to unify these under a single unit. Typically this was gold, but on occasion, (roman empire) it was also salt. The advantage was that due to the direct limitation of production based on labor input, no one could cheat and take a bunch of resources from others by just “printing up some cash”.

The problem with cash is, there is no direct labor restriction or scarcity to prevent the abuse and theft of labor from the rest of the labor pool through printing. This is why there are countless examples of the abuse running rampant, inflation running away in a paper currency, and the economy collapsing. In fact, you might even be able to see it happening in a current country in today’s world! Can you give an example? I can!

Comment by Blue Skye
2016-03-16 08:58:27

“GDP can be moved up and down just by moving prices up and down.”

I suspect this is incorrect in the context. I suspect that part of the magic of GDP fabrication is that falling prices do not drop GDP because of the use of “same price” substitutions. My take is that financial activity can be collapsing and GDP still reported as going up.

Comment by Combotechie
2016-03-16 09:49:40

If the value of imputed rents is a function of comparable rents - actual rents - then the value of imputed rents will go up and down as the values of these comparable actual rents go up and down.

In a tight rental market it would not take much to push actual rents up (an extreme example of this is Stergis during the motorcycle rallys) and if actual rents are pushed up then comparable imputed rents are pushed up as well.

Comment by Combotechie
2016-03-16 09:56:59

The magic that is performed by comps is associated with their leveraging effect; The activity of a few can greatly affect the many.

Push up the actual rents of a few houses and - presto! - up go the imputed rents of the possibly many, many comparables.

Comment by Combotechie
2016-03-16 10:17:36

BTW, the same rule applys to home equity; the actions of a few is what determines the equity of the many.

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Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 10:28:33

Which simply gets back to the fundamental point;

I can ask $50k for my 10 year old run down Chevy pickup but where is the buyer at that price?

So it is with any depreciating asset like a house.

Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 13:29:51

Why is it run down? Dont you take care of your stuff? Can you afford a garage?

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 14:09:51

Like your shanty.

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 06:21:20

There is no such thing as a maintenance free house.

You either spend your time doing maintenance.

Or you spend your time working so you can pay someone else to do the maintenance. Time lost, forever, as that house drags you down into an early grave…

Comment by inchbyinch
2016-03-16 07:06:15

That was a little over dramatic. Once you’re over the initial deferred maintenance after purchasing a used home, you set a maintenance schedule, and it becomes less of a time and money sucker. I love your energy, but the embellishment was absurd.

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 07:37:07

a maintenance schedule

I don’t have time to work a third job.

Comment by oxide
2016-03-16 07:59:20

Provided you have the cash up front for such upgrades. From what I’ve seen, no one has the cash for a 10% downpayment, much less a general contractor, mensch tho he may be.

Comment by The Selfish Hoarder
2016-03-16 08:32:45

In my area there are sometimes houses up for auction, about half the price of the surrounding houses for sale. I have to miss the next auction since I have a lot of my conservative investments tied up into municipal bonds and savings bonds. But the opening bid is a price that fits my rule of 1/6 the net worth to put into real estate. It would take weeks to cash out of my bonds.

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Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 08:49:00

$2.50/sqft/year depreciation is your loss and yours alone.

Comment by Middle Coaster
2016-03-16 12:18:52

I’ll use that line on the property tax board of appeals and tell you how it works out.

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Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 13:05:32

It comes out of your wallet, not mine.

Comment by Sacks of Dong
2016-03-16 15:42:51

My house repairs itself. You really should buy one of those next time.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 06:27:25

The real economy, as opposed to the Wall Street casino, continues to deteriorate. Bullish for housing…NOT!

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 06:29:27

Who wants to “invest” in a rigged, broken, manipulated market?

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 06:32:29

Is the Establishment GOP getting ready to do an end run around the Democratic voting process by installing an Oligopoly water carrier, Paul Ryan, at a brokered GOP convention?

Comment by steadykat
2016-03-16 08:38:13

Here’s an inside look at some of the Washington beltway insiders that consider themselves to be your masters.

“All he has going for him (Trump) is a lot of votes”:

Comment by Ben Jones
2016-03-16 09:39:48

“This isn’t a dictatorship…and we hate that.”

I had to stop watching.

Comment by oxide
2016-03-16 10:22:40

It’s worth clenching your teeth through it, Ben. I can’t believe those guys let themselves be filmed like that.

Best topic: would they rather risk Trump as President, or risk Hillary choosing the Supreme Court for the next four years? “Mrs. Warren is going to be up there making sure they nominate some commie pinko.”

They have no way out and they know it. If they allow Trump the nom, they will get either Hillary or Trump. If they don’t allow Trump the nom, they will almost certainly lose the Senate when half their base stays home out of spite.

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Comment by Ben Jones
2016-03-16 10:32:46

‘I can’t believe those guys let themselves be filmed like that’

It’s a sign of how much contempt they have for the people.

‘or risk Hillary choosing the Supreme Court’

They are counting on that. There aren’t two establishments. There aren’t two powers that be. There sure as heck aren’t two bodies politic, that’s been completely exposed. The show they put on is like professional wrestling. Now somebody that isn’t on the script shows up and look how unimportant the hanging chads are.

Comment by steadykat
2016-03-16 10:58:51

An interesting CNBC video from this morning.

“We choose the nominee, not the people.”

Comment by Oddfellow
2016-03-16 09:55:51

“All he has going for him (Trump) is a lot of votes”:

Isn’t that a basic Republican philosophy? “We’re not a democracy, we’re a republic.” I was never exactly sure what that meant, but it seems to mean something along the lines of “sometimes the voters are wrong, and their betters have to step in and do what’s right, because…Constitution!”

Or am I not understanding the “we’re a republic” thing?

Comment by Ben Jones
2016-03-16 10:08:04

‘Or am I not understanding’

Pretty much. It’s checks and balances. We vote for some things, other things aren’t for one person or even a lot of people to decide.

Now be sure to hold your nose and vote for the person these 1%ers are trying to hand the election to.

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Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 06:34:35

What is it about the fact that housing is a depreciating asset that enrages so many?

Could it be the crushing financial losses?

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 06:45:20

I can’t remember the last time I set foot inside of a Loan Depot or Blowe’s.

Some people spend every weekend of their lives, and all of their money there.

Sad :(

Comment by inchbyinch
2016-03-16 07:12:37

Did you sell and become a renter? I’m curious.
We do the big box run once a month, mostly for the pool chemicals. We affectionately named our pool the “addict”.

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 07:35:04

What? I’ve never “owned.” The closest I came to it was living with my girlfriend and giving her money to pay the mortgage, and mow the lawn, rake the leaves, shovel snow, hang out at Loan Depot et cetera.

I am very fortunate in that I found my current rental 5+ years ago when vacancies were near record highs, so I had my pick of the litter. And I’ll probably stay there until I leave Dumver.

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Comment by Ethan in Northern VA
2016-03-16 14:44:38

I’m a renter but I love projects so I’m always going there to buy parts. For the arcade machines, for things I’m building. If I owned a house I could easily fix a lot of stuff easier than dealing with a landlord.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 06:35:57

Rising inflation could scuttle Yellen the Felon’s ability to impose NIRP and QE4, and could even force more rate hikes…oh, the horror!

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 06:42:32

The facade of democracy falls away to reveal that the Establishment will do whatever it has it do to install yet another sellout Oligopoly errand boy, popular will be damned.

Comment by Ben Jones
2016-03-16 08:07:43

As I said in the main post, this isn’t to win. It’s to throw the election to Baby Doc. Oh, there were the times, like the hub-bub about hanging chads in Florida and democracy denied. Golly, everybody was sure about letting the people decide then! Now Florida votes and the smoked filled roomers do this out in the open.

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 08:42:44

“Securing the Realm”

Comment by Professor Bear
2016-03-16 20:31:38

Seems like DT is on track for the Republican nomination. I don’t see how the party bosses can overturn it. Maybe I lack vision

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 06:44:08

It’s all over for Sanders. See how fast he reverts to being a good DNC apparatchik by endorsing Hillary.

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 08:36:55

Barney got the base all revved up for a sport illustrated swimsuit model but now all they’ve got left is Cankles. Turnout will be massively depressed, some even crossing over because it is an antiestablishment year.

Comment by sleepless_near_seattle
2016-03-16 10:23:18

“some even crossing over because it is an antiestablishment year”

That seems to be what happened in OH last night. I’ve seen many posts of Dems voting in the Repub primary and say that they’ll revert back to Dem for the general. Seems criminal.

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 10:30:58

I know several Democrat voters in Ohio who voted for Kasich yesterday, they were crowing about it on Facebook.

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Comment by sleepless_near_seattle
2016-03-16 11:50:39

They (CNN, I think) were showing that Dem “turnout” was down 50% in the OH primary (which was about 20-25% more than the other states were down yesterday) and Repub was way up. Now we know why.

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 19:03:13

Florida was a closed primary and dem was still way less than R. It ain’t crossover that’s causing it, it’s Trump driving new voters.

Comment by sleepless_near_seattle
2016-03-17 09:32:19

Yes, but if you compare D state to state, OH was far and away down D, far more than any other state, so yes crossover played a large part in OH. The proof of the strong correlation was the Kasich win.

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 06:48:06

“China Freight Index Collapses To Fresh Record Low”

Comment by phony scandals
2016-03-16 07:03:39

Poor little guy probably kept up with you for a mile or so. - 232k -

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
Comment by rj chicago
2016-03-16 07:28:26

Hitlery sets a narrative for global warm up. Shilling for the globalist trollops.

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 08:59:33

Are you a Soros-funded Occupy, Move-On, and BLM Anti-American agent-provocateur Anarchist?

Comment by rj chicago
2016-03-16 09:35:10


Comment by Oddfellow
2016-03-16 10:11:54

No meaning yes?

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Comment by rj chicago
2016-03-16 07:30:51

Palmy - you might want to add this to your rules list……

If ILLANNOY is any indicator of the election in Nov……

Rule: Conservatives < Free Sh*t Army. You can’t beat the hoarde expecting Free Sh*t from the likes of Hitlery or Trump.

There is no way the Conservatives = the FSA.

Already baked in the cake.

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 08:08:54

rj, see my post above regarding Hastert.

Comment by rj chicago
2016-03-16 08:27:19

++1 Palmy:
Dispicable POS Hastert -
What a bunch of low lifes on both sides - and we the folks just get the shaft each and every day.
I just wonder as I think Ben has pointed out several times - when the pitch forks and torches are gonna start to appear.

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 08:43:29

What free sh*t is Trump promising? Or are you just making a statement that the D turnout was higher here than the R turnout overall? The reverse happened in Florida and everywhere else.

Comment by rj chicago
2016-03-16 09:14:52

10 feet - I don’t trust any of them, yet.
Trump has not said anything about NOT giving out free sh*t which leads me to believe that at some point when needing votes he will say something about it.
Until that time - I agree with Ray K in many respects - D or R - they are all the same.

Comment by The Central Scrutinizer
2016-03-16 10:11:43

What he says has nothing to do with what he’ll actually do. The band is a compulsive, grandiose liar salesman trying to make the sale of his life.

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Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 17:43:40

So Trump is part of the FSA because he hasn’t disavowed it yet? I’ll take the chance he will versus the certainty Hillary will continue and expand Obama’s never ending increase to the FSA.

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Comment by X-GSfixr
2016-03-16 08:34:55

Time to start thinking about a Trump running mate?

Which will it be? Boot licker, or will he use the Godfather advice of “keeping your enemies even closer”?

My experiences with similar personality types sez he will go the bootlicker route. Preferably, one that is even scarier than he is, lest anyone get the idea that it would be a good idea to impeach him, and replace him with someone more palatable.

Not Ted Cruz. Too many evangelicals with guns might get the idea to help his prophesies along.

Im thinking Palin or Carson.

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 09:02:28

Scott Brown. Not a bootlicker, though.

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 09:03:44

Wishful thinking on both there. Why pick someone who doesn’t bring anything to the table he doesn’t already have? Kasich would bring Ohio. He’s already got Florida and Texas.

Here’s a far out prediction, Colin Powell.

Comment by X-GSfixr
2016-03-16 10:33:49

Not wishful thinking. I really don’t care one way or the other.

I just wonder who is going to be more disappointed/pizzed two-three years from now. Trump supporters, or Hillary supporters?

Hildabeast has “Experience”. At screwing things up, and lining Clinton family pockets with cash. Call me old fashioned, but to me, doing a mediocre job is not what I would call an exemplary resume for president.

As far as Trump, I can see him making Nixon look like a rank amateur, when it comes to using the offices of government to abuse political opponents and critics.

Comment by Ben Jones
2016-03-16 11:04:07

‘making Nixon look like a rank amateur, when it comes to using the offices of government to abuse political opponents and critics’

‘The Church Committee was the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, a U.S. Senate committee chaired by Senator Frank Church (D-ID) in 1975. A precursor to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the committee investigated intelligence gathering for illegality by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after certain activities had been revealed by the Watergate affair.’

‘Then on December 22, 1974, The New York Times published a lengthy article by Seymour Hersh detailing operations engaged in by the CIA over the years that had been dubbed the “family jewels”. Covert action programs involving assassination attempts against foreign leaders and covert attempts to subvert foreign governments were reported for the first time. In addition, the article discussed efforts by intelligence agencies to collect information on the political activities of US citizens.’

‘Under recommendations and pressure by this committee, President Gerald Ford issued Executive Order 11905 (ultimately replaced in 1981 by President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333) to ban U.S. sanctioned assassinations of foreign leaders.’

‘The Church Committee learned that beginning in the 1950s, the CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation intercepted, opened and photographed more than 215,000 pieces of mail by the time the program called “HTLINGUAL” was shut down in 1973. This program was all done under the “mail covers” program.’

‘On August 17, 1975 Senator Frank Church appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press, and discussed the NSA, without mentioning it by name: “In the need to develop a capacity to know what potential enemies are doing, the United States government has perfected a technological capability that enables us to monitor the messages that go through the air. (…) Now, that is necessary and important to the United States as we look abroad at enemies or potential enemies. We must know, at the same time, that capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left such is the capability to monitor everything—telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn’t matter. There would be no place to hide.”

“If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology.”

“I don’t want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.”

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Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 11:41:50

Richard Nixon: “The Bohemian Grove — which I attend, from time to time — it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine…”

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 17:48:38

I can equally see Hillary looking like the next Nixon. She’s got a big headstart already.

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Comment by MightyMike
2016-03-16 08:45:21

Sheldon Adelson on supporting Trump: ‘Why not?’

If Donald Trump is the nominee, Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson says, “Why not” support him?

“Trump is a businessman. I am a businessman. He employs a lot of people. I employed 50,000 people. Why not?” Adelson said during a gala in Las Vegas in February.

Read more:

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 09:23:14

Please note that Trump is declining to do another Fox debate, in favor of a meeting with AIPAC. Now THAT is interesting, in and of itself.

Also pragmatic on Adelson’s part, and my guess is there’s no love lost between him and Soros.

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 11:04:31

This has both the Hillary instagram ad and the debate story. Apparently, the debate is now cancelled, because Kasich won’t debate unless Trump is on the stage. Interesting.

He’s right about the debates. Enough is enough.

Comment by Senior Housing Analyst
2016-03-16 08:53:28

Santa Monica, CA Housing Market Implodes; Prices Crater 22% YoY On Collapsing Housing Demand

Comment by Donald Trump
2016-03-16 09:01:18

Kasich voted for NAFTA, a disaster for Ohio, and now wants the even worse TPP approved. Vote Trump and end this madness.

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 09:35:04

Love your latest commercial re Hillary.

Seriously, it’s actually funny.

Comment by MightyMike
2016-03-16 10:19:12

The die hard Hillary haters will enjoy that. It’s not something that will convince swing voters, such as the soccer moms in the suburbs of Cleveland and Orlando. Get ready for President Hillary.

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 11:02:31

the suburbs of Cleveland

I lived there and in the city for 20+ years. Are you speaking from personal experience as to your knowledge of voter sentiment there?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MightyMike
2016-03-16 11:08:27

No, it’s based on reading, not personal experience. The idea is that the cities are heavily Democratic and the smaller communities, such as Lima and Findlay, are very GOP. So most of the swing voters must be in the suburbs.

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 13:34:48

Irrelevant. Donald Trump is your next US President.

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 14:46:04

Well, I think it’s very unfair that they don’t acknowledge Trump for all the jobs and economic activity he’s already created, and he hasn’t even taken office.

For example, in the last two weeks, there was something like $35 million of negative ads against him just in Florida alone, that’s some pretty good coin for the advertising sector. So he’s boosted jobs in production, journalism, the media, printing, you name it. And he’s done this with very little investment of his own (on time and under budget), and gotten his opposition to pay for most of it, so who says he can’t get Mexico to fund the wall?

Looks like he’s done well for the travel and transportation sectors, too, not just for himself, but for all the armies of politicians and consultants scurrying around all over the country. All those planes, buses, rental cars fuel, etc.

Resorts and hotels are doing well, I hear Sea Island Georgia made out like a bandit with that “Get Trump” confab,not to mention all the folks on the road, getting out the vote. They have to stay somewhere, so I imagine Holiday Inn is seeing an influx of money. Food industry is doing well, all those meals, fancy and otherwise.

He even got Soros to pony up some major jack for the FSA in Chicago (I heard it was $30 mil). The police are getting some major overtime everywhere he goes.

What’s not to like? He’s gotten a bunch of his supporters to get off their dead butts and I’ll bet he shames some of them into dropping some weight. Next Up, The Trump Diet. Maybe get some of the ladies to look a little less frumpy. Melania’s Fashion and Make Up Tips.

And there he is, already fulfilling his promise to MAGA, and he hasn’t even been elected.

Comment by MightyMike
2016-03-16 14:50:36

And there he is, already fulfilling his promise to MAGA, and he hasn’t even been elected.

So it’s Mission Accomplished and he can drop out now.

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 14:59:47

So it’s Mission Accomplished and he can drop out now.


Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 13:31:47

He knows his sheeple, he is the modern day pied piper. fun to watch.

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 17:51:08

Better than a coronation of your guy, Hillary.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Obama Goons
2016-03-16 18:18:45

Hillarious is unelectable.

Comment by sleepless_near_seattle
2016-03-16 12:30:01

Yep…there are only two candidates addressing the trade issue and only one suggesting interstate health insurance competition.

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 17:53:02

I hope you are counting Trump as that one.

Comment by sleepless_near_seattle
2016-03-17 09:28:42


(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by concerned floridian
2016-03-16 09:16:19

buy a house now. millenials are starting to buy and will raise prices. Lol!

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 10:23:24

Because the last time the “drive til you qualify” strategy worked so well, it’s time to revive it.

I used to work with people who commuted, driving alone, from Colorado Springs to Aurora, five days a week.

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 10:35:10

You’d have to have rocks in your head to buy a house at these prices….. or at any time in the last 15 years.

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 10:59:08

Wells Fargo is throwing money at me trying to get me to borrow. I get email and paper mail from them at least a few times a month.

Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 13:25:19

so, it was OK to buy in 2001? why?

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 13:51:49

Pay attention kiddo.

Comment by oxide
2016-03-16 14:14:02

Good point, Cali. Especially since those 2001-era houses must have depreciated to nothing by now. :razz:

Comment by Blue Skye
2016-03-16 14:27:16

Every long term homeowner knows that you either spend money ongoing to battle wear, decrepidation and obsolensence or the value goes down. One way or another the money runs through your fingers.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Puggs
2016-03-16 16:26:22

Anyone who owns a house or has watched “Flip or Flop” knows this is a fact.

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 16:39:18

Unless they’ve got rocks in their head.

Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 11:46:11

I am just glad the Trump is destroying the GOP! Leaders like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Reagan, Rove, Rice, did done so much damage to America. Trump knows this and wants to help us.

Comment by Muggy
2016-03-16 14:50:31

“Trump knows this and wants to help us.”

Save us! Save us!

Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 15:10:07

Trump is the new Jesus.

Comment by Puggs
2016-03-17 08:41:07


(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 15:01:12

From your empty skull, directly to the Whitehouse….. Mr. Trump lives rent free.

Comment by I am yuuuge in Burma
2016-03-16 16:24:28

Not rent free. Actually Trump collects rent for living in their empty skulls.

Comment by ann gogh
Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 12:20:17

smartt–easier to buy us then invade us. we spend $6 trillion in the middle east and got nada.

Comment by I am yuuuge in Burma
2016-03-16 16:20:55

You got nothing. Speak for yourself.

Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 14:00:30

North Korea jails US tourist for 15 years after he attempted to steal a propaganda banner.

Trump will bomb them if they dont let him go.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 16:40:09

The dumbass stole a propanda banner from a restricted area. He knew he was in North Korea, where they take a draconian view of “crimes” like that. I don’t want to see a single tax dollar spent recovering some dips*t who has poor judgement and poorer impulse control.

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 16:46:33

When youre a guest……

No matter if it’s someone elses house, town, state or country.

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 16:56:12

Ha-ha, isn’t that just so twee? I saw that story on the news this evening. While I feel sorry for the guy (he’s clearly been reduced to a state of gibbering fear and despair), there’s something to be learned here and by now you’d think people would know better, given some of the other similar situations that have appeared in the news. But who pays attention to these tales of woe when you’ve got that shiny smart-phone blinking away at you with all those texts and photos of your friends’ kittens and puppies?

This is what happens when you are lied to by the media and your educators, and endlessly indulged and coddled. There are no consequences for your actions, so you think. Pay no attention to those endless wars and pissed-off countries, it’s just one big happy global family. It’s just like my frat house. Everyone loves Americans, it’s just like in the movie “The Interview”! Hey, maybe Kim will invite me to a state dinner!

I don’t blame this poor guy. It was a dumb move on his part, but how would he know there would be consequences? I blame his parents, his educators and the media, in that order. And maybe the Federal Government as well. There was a time when no one in their right mind traveled to North Korea, with good reason.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:13:29

I can guarantee you the tour organizers made damn sure that everyone on that tour knew that there would be serious consequences for unsanctioned behavior. This dumbass tried to steal something anyway, then in true snowflake fashion blamed everybody but himself and cried like a little biatch at his sentencing. Now no doubt the taxpayers will be out a few million $$$ as the State Department tries to rescue this loser from facing the music. Everyone else on the tour made it out okay BECAUSE THEY FOLLOWED THE RULES! Maybe this idiot snowflake can reflect on that during his stint at hard labor in a North Korean coal mine. I don’t feel sorry for him, just like I don’t feel sorry for that punk-ass kid who got caned in Singapore a few years back for vandalizing cars with spray paint. Ten lashes with a bamboo cane have a way of making a lasting impression on fools.

Comment by palmetto
2016-03-16 17:20:04

Eh, never mind. Perhaps North Korea has saved the world from another financial predator.

“He was also part of a student organization that “trains young professionals for careers in investment management and other functions within the financial markets,” according to the group’s website.”

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 18:37:16

What a fine young exemplar of young American snowflakes…did he really think courtroom hysterics were going to sway a North Korean judge?

Comment by rj chicago
Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 15:13:21

Donald Trump Warns There Could Be Riots If He Isn’t GOP Nominee
“I wouldn’t lead it, but I think bad things would happen.”

Preppers are getting excited!

Comment by I am yuuuge in Burma
2016-03-16 16:17:20

Ole news. Bernie’s thugs already started this.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 16:49:20

Trump has already done the country an enormous service by forcing the Oligopoly to show their hand and reveal what a charade “representative democracy” has become. The oligarchs have arrayed all their captured media presstitutes and Establishment political puppets against Trump, but still haven’t slowed his momentum. Most disconcerting of all to our .1% overlords: the sheeple who bent over for them with alacrity in 2008 and 2012 with their votes for oligopoly-annointed Republicrat water carriers Obama, McCain, and Romney are now flocking in droves to Trump, who they don’t control. Now the Masters of the Universe are going to have to rip off the mask in a way that will force even the most brain-dead ‘Murican to recognize who the real wire-pullers are.

Comment by MightyMike
2016-03-16 16:54:14

The sheeple are flocking to Trump, their new shepherd.

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 17:09:24

Irrelevant. Donald Trump is your new President.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:03:03

George Carlin: Why I Don’t Vote. More timely than ever.

It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 17:56:32

What I like best is that there is this whole group of people who think that they’ve already kissed the right asses and may soon learn there’s a whole other set of asses need kissing now. The scrambling for lifeboats will be precious.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Donald Trump
2016-03-16 15:36:40

Thank you to the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, for your endorsement. I greatly appreciate your support!

Comment by Rental Watch
2016-03-16 15:48:31

I found out yesterday that one friend of mine (military academy, retired special forces officer and very likely Republican) is friends with another guy I know (highly educated, appointed political official and is definitely a Democrat).

I’d rather lock the two of them in a room to hash out the biggest problems this country faces than leave it up to any of the clowns running for, or holding office in DC.

Our politicians are an embarrassment.

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 16:14:24

No less embarrassing than your contortions.

Comment by I am yuuuge in Burma
2016-03-16 16:15:47

Our politicians are an embarrassment.

Their livelihood depends on not solving any problem.

Comment by Muggy
2016-03-16 16:15:06

Me and my work bud talked about changing locks and toilets at lunch today.

I am a hollow shell of the man I used to be.

Comment by Muggy
2016-03-16 16:17:38

And we haven’t even closed yet.

Comment by Blue Skye
2016-03-16 20:56:26

Look on the bright side.

Your kids will be able to come visit you.

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 16:24:26


Comment by Muggy
2016-03-16 18:14:03

Not even you could save me

Comment by Jake
2016-03-16 18:27:56

Save yourself my friend. Save yourself.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by CalifoH20
2016-03-16 17:12:53


Get used to being at Home Depot weekly!!

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:00:19

Yellen the Felon has painted the Fed into a corner, it seems. While her oligarch cohorts are no doubt pressuring her to escalate the Fed’s financial warfare against the 99% by instituting NIRP and lavishing more printing-press “stimulus” confetti on Wall Street, rising inflation - which can no longer be masked by the Fed’s faked statistics - is manifesting itself. The Fed also faces the nightmare spector of a growing public awareness of the Wall Street-Federal Reserve Looting Syndicate’s role in enriching the 1% at the expense of everyone else. Despite the captured media’s journalistic omerta concerning the schemes and scams of the Fed and its accomplices in the financial sector, the word is getting out anyway, and the thing the Fed fears most - exposure - will soon be a reality if the “audit the Fed” initiative in Congress gets enough backing (and isn’t watered down by Bernie Sanders this time around). We live in interesting times, my friends!

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:05:02

Russell Means, former American Indian Movement (AIM) militant: All of America has become one big reservation.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:16:30

Wall Street and its captured Establishment Republicrats, regulators, and judiciary will go to any lengths to ensure that unfettered crony capitalism is allowed to continue with its fraud and swindles.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:17:55

Trump just unleashed his first attack ad on Hillary. This is going to be SO much fun….

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:21:34

Socialist Venezuela shuts down for a week as the delapidated power grid grinds to a halt. A preview of coming attractions once the collectivist Comrades at the DNC have installed their permanent Democrat supermajority. Forward!

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:25:14

The oligarch-captured New York judiciary continues to serve up slap-on-the-wrist fines, but of course no jail time, to the racketeers at the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:38:39

Gold: the only known antidote to Fed debasement of the currency and Keynesian lunacy.

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:47:11
Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:50:23
Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 17:57:50

The oligarchy blew $200 million supporting losers Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and got nowhere. Maybe that’s why Soros is funding “protesters” to try to violently prevent Trump from getting his message out.–200-million-on-failed-candidates-172041720.html

Comment by 10FeetHigher
2016-03-16 18:00:48

Isn’t all this Trump talk gonna rile someone or two someones up?

Comment by Goon
2016-03-16 18:28:23

the Grateful Dead — Live Europe 1972 (disc 1):

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
2016-03-16 18:41:21

Congressional Budget Office wants to tax motorists by the mile. Of course that means putting a tracking device on your car. Nothing creepy or Orwellian about that….

Comment by Falling Housing Prices
2016-03-16 18:59:34

“falling housing prices”

Comment by Raymond K Hessel
Comment by The Central Scrutinizer
2016-03-17 00:16:22

If nothing else, we will experience Presitainment.

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